How To Make a Funny Movie Spoof

When it comes to movies of specific genres, sometimes you get to see patterns and the same old storylines playing themselves out. Sometimes, with the hundreds of movies that are shown yearly there seems to be nothing original or different among them. Sometimes it feels that you are watching the same movie, but with different actors and a title, but the twists and plot remain basically the same. If you are a film buff, you can turn this into something productive. You can come up with your own funny movie spoofing such types of films. With a little ingenuity, creativity and determination, you can come up with your movie spoof. Who knows, it might just be the next big blockbuster. Here are a few steps on how to get started on your funny movie spoof.

  • Choose a genre. Whichever genre you choose there will always be stereotypes and the same old plot to spoof. So it does not matter whether it's a comedy, a thriller, an action flick or a romantic-comedy. You will definitely find enough material from different genres to be able to come up with a screenplay.
  • Do your research. Once you've picked a genre, look up the different movies that are considered popular from this genre. Make sure that the movies are recognizable and have been watched by most people. This means that you would have to do your research on those that have reached box office hit status for the genre you wish to tackle. This will allow your audience to relate to your storyline and recognize certain scenes that you may have lifted from these blockbuster movies.
  • Study your movie collection. Once you have compiled a considerable number of movies from the genre, watch each movie closely. Take note of the main characters and how the plot evolves. Watch out for scenes that are similar to the others. Pay attention to the scenes that seem insignificant but point to a greater “moment” in the whole movie. Sometimes, stereotypes come from supporting characters. Take note of these elements, too. Mark the scenes that you plan to spoof. Make sure that they are well-known highlights of the movies.
  • Begin creating your screenplay. Now that you've gathered enough material to spoof. Create a screenplay out of this. If possible, choose one movie that will tell the whole story, and add several elements from other movies to spoof the genre. Choose the most popular movie from your collection, and work a script around this central story. Exaggerate scenes, and get creative and over-the-top. This will add to the humor of your movie spoof.
  • Start casting for your movie. Choose independent actors for your movie. Make sure that they look similar to the original cast of the movies you will be spoofing. You can look for actors from film schools that may be willing to work for a minimal fee. Choose those with real talent, so they can pull off their satirical roles well.
  • Sell your work. Once you are done with your material, you can send the edited and finished work to different movie studios. You may try approaching the studios that welcoming independent work. Make a lot of copies and send it out to as many studios as you want. Send in a witty cover-letter to introduce the plot and summary of your movie.

When you set out to do this project, make sure that you have enough determination to see it through the end. It will not be easy-sailing most of the time. But if you believe in your product, then you will be able to do your best and hopefully, find success as well.


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