How To Make a Living Doing Clinical Research

There is nothing wrong with being a human guinea pig. Though the sound seems to be bothering, being a part of a clinical research can give you a very decent income in just a couple or more weeks of submitting to a clinical trial. In fact, most companies pay thousands of dollars in exchange for your participation. Here, find out more facts on how you can make a living out of doing clinical research:

  • Search for a clinical research facility. Every state is home to one or a few clinical facilities that can offer clinical research jobs to you. The more the facilities are near you, the more chances you have of making a living out of this kind of opportunity. Do a search for these clinical facilities in the Internet. It will not be hard for you to find one that is near your residence.
  • Sign up to the research facility. Find the online site of the facility of your choice and sign up to show your interest of doing clinical research. Fill out the appropriate forms completely and honestly. Clinical research facilities need to get the right person for a project so if you will not be truthful about your answers, the study can hurt both parties. Hence, do not think that indicating you have an allergy to something when in fact you don't have will make you more qualified for a clinical research. Take note that depending on their study, they can get people with or without allergies. Therefore, there is no more point for you to make up stories.
  • Call the facility for a follow up. Talk to a clinical research coordinator and get information from him about opportunities for you. He can give you out all the information you need in terms of upcoming studies and possibilities where you can qualify to be a part of the clinical study.
  • Pass the necessary screening. If you find a good study that you can be a part of, you must pass a series of interviews and screenings before you can be officially qualified. Interviews, which are usually done over the phone, can include several health questions. If you pass this, you will be given instructions and requirements for the next step. Screenings, on the other hand, includes blood, urine, and weight tests, physical examinations, and paperwork such as consent forms. However, before you sign consent forms, make sure that you have read about the study first and check for risks or side effects that you can experience as a result of the research. If you end up passing all the tests and requirements, you are good to go for the study.
  • Take note of as much information as you can get about the study. Ask the coordinator about the times and dates of the study so that you can submit yourself early for everything. More often than not, the facility will require you to be early for the study so that you can be submitted to every procedure along the way. Ask for other things as well such as study procedures and payment systems.

It definitely will pay a lot to become a human guinea pig once in a while. Depending on the kind of study you are in, you can be paid from $300 $6,000 for several weeks of submitting yourself in the clinical research study.


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