How To Make Money Writing for Non-Profit Organizations

Freelance writers of course know how difficult it is to earn money. It doesn’t get any easier if you’re a freelance writer working for a non-profit organization since they generally pay less than their for-profit counterparts. But if you have the necessary talent, skills, experience, and a strong determination to survive in this field of work, you can make a decent living writing for non-profit organizations. Read on and be guided by the following tips.

  1. Set a reasonable price for your writing services. It doesn’t mean that non-profit organizations don’t spend any money at all. They do, and they’re willing to shell out money to promote their cause. You alone can set a price for the writing services and the quality of writing that you can provide. Reasonable is the key word here. Take into consideration all the projects you will handle and the tasks you will be responsible for. Don’t set a price that’s too high for your non-profit employer, especially if their organization is just recently established. But at the same time, don’t settle for something too low if you’ll be doing many things for the company. Remember, not only will the company get their money’s worth from your writing services, but you should also profit from all your input and services rendered.
  2. Do projects that you would normally do for for-profit companies. Non-profit organizations, like their for-profit counterparts, also need literature like company newsletters, annual reports, training manuals, news articles, press releases, web content, and all kinds of promotional materials and tactics like ads, brochures, slogans, and posters. After all, a non-profit organization also needs significant media and public exposure to let as many people and important contacts help them out. If you have had relevant experience working for profit-oriented companies and businesses, the knowledge and skills you’ve gained would be a valuable input for a non-profit organization.
  3. Work on being a versatile writer. Writing for non-profit organizations might require you to be an effective multitasker, particularly when you’re the only writer on the staff or team and the bulk of all communications and writing-related work goes to you. You might be asked to collaborate with the marketing team in coming up with ideas to promote the organization. Be prepared to write speeches, statements, even correspondences. As daunting as it may sound, this is a great opportunity for you to further hone your versatility and skill as a writer.
  4. Put together an impressive portfolio and resume. Make it a habit to document and provide samples of every project you’ve worked on—reports, posters, ads, brochures, slogans, articles, web content, etc. Make sure to put together a neat portfolio, highlighting your best works. Prospective employers would also like to see versatility in your work so provide as many different samples as you can.
  5. Take extra classes and training that would complement your work. This is not a requirement, but if you chance upon an opportunity to take extra classes or training that you think would help you do your job better, then grab that chance right away. Some vocational schools offer classes in grant writing, which also comes in handy when you work for a non-profit organization.

Making money writing for non-profit organizations isn’t as easy as writing for a top profit-oriented company. It all hinges on whether you believe in their cause and are willing to render your services to promote it. Of course you will be paid for your services, but don’t expect a salary that can afford you daily luxuries. Be patient, work on your strengths and versatility as a writer, and build a solid reputation. With a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio, non-profit organizations will be waiting in line to avail of your services and at the same time, be willing to compensate you well. 


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