How To Make Nurses Scrub Uniforms

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If you want to work as a nurse, it is essential that you have scrub uniforms for nurses that you can work in. Some people who work as nurses choose to purchase their nursing scrub uniforms. However, it is not absolutely necessary to purchase scrub uniforms for nurses. In fact, if you prefer, it is possible to make your own scrub uniforms. The following article is about how to make scrub uniforms for nurses.

Get a Catalog

To make scrub uniforms for nurses, you should first get a catalog that has patterns and pictures of some of the available scrub uniforms for nurses. Look through the entire catalog and find a page that has scrub uniforms for nurses that look like the uniforms that you want.

Know Your Size

Measure yourself so that you will know what size you are so that you can cut the pattern correctly. For example, measure your bust, your hips, your thighs, and also the inseam of your leg. In that way, you will know how to make your scrub uniforms for nurses in the correct size.

Select the Cloth You Will Use

Once you choose the particular scrub uniforms for nurses that you want, then you must select the particular fabric or cloth that you want. The fabric should be simple, durable, and flexible so that as you walk, bend, or lift things during the work day, the fabric will not tear. Also, you should choose a fabric that will likely last a long time. Cotton polyester blend fabrics tend to work well for scrub uniforms for nurses because cotton polyester blend is durable, flexible, and lasts a long time. Thus, you should consider getting cotton polyester blend fabric.

Wash the Cloth Before You Sew

Wash the cloth so that you can see whether the cloth will shrink. This is important to know because you want to make sure that you have a good sense of how the fabric is going to react as you work in the fabric and wear it again and again over time.

Make Your Scrub Uniform

Put the pattern onto the cloth and cut the cloth into the desired shape so that you will have your basic garment. Sew the garment using a sewing machine. Hem the garment. Once you have finished sewing the garment, go ahead and try on the scrub uniforms for nurses that you have made. If your scrub uniform fits, you are ready to wear the garment to work. If the scrub uniform does not fit, you will need to make some alterations to the scrub uniform.

Wear Your Scrub Uniform

After you have made your scrub uniform, wear your uniform. Take pride in the fact that you made your own scrub uniforms.


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