How To Moonlight as a Avon Representative

If you want to make extra money, you can do so by becoming an Avon representative. Avon is a multi-million dollar business that has been around for a long time. It is a cosmetic company that makes great products and is trusted by millions of women all over the world.

If you want to make some extra cash, you don’t need to quit your day job to become an Avon representative. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  • Have the proper motivation. If you’re to become an Avon representative, you need to be able to motivate yourself to make a sale. If you’re depressed and have no personality, people won’t want to buy from you. Have a positive attitude so people can be enthusiastic about your products. If you are positive about what you are doing, people will want to help you succeed.
  • Go to the company website and sign up. Go to and click on the link to become a representative. You need to register and provide your information so that someone from Avon can contact you. To sign up, you also need to orient yourself with the company’s products so this entails a bit of training.
  • Get your sales materials. You need to know what you are selling so familiarize yourself with the company’s product line. You should also get the price list and any other paperwork that you need, such as receipts, invoice orders and any other documents. Aside from this, you need to get the brochures, product samples and other materials you need to make a presentation to your clients.
  • Devote ample time to peddle your wares. If you want to succeed as an Avon lady, you need to put in time towards your business. Set aside a specific number of hours a week or a day that you promise to put towards selling. It can be making calls to set up appointments or organizing and hosting Avon parties for your product presentation. Don’t expect people to just come to you. You have to be the one to go out of your way to make the sale.
  • Establish a regular client base. Call up your friends and family and let them know you are an Avon representative. Let people at work know what you are selling. You may want to use your lunch hour to pass around the Avon brochure. To make your business grow, you need to keep track of your customers. Ask for their contact numbers and email address so you can send out promotional and invitation emails about your product presentation.
  • Ask for referrals. When you make a sale or present to someone, always ask to be referred. Give your business card if you have one so that other people can pass it on for you. To get referrals, your client has to be happy with your service and the product you just sold, so do your best every single time.
  • Keep track of your sales. Don’t forget to write down your sales and document your activities. Issue receipts as needed and be up to date with your paperwork. This is a business so you need to stay organized.

Treat your Avon business seriously and it can generate some serious cash for you. When you’re out making calls, use the products! Good luck!


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