How To Prepare for Bioinformatics Jobs

Bioinformatics combines the power of computers and the field of biology. Bioinformatics is the process of developing methods in the field of biology to resolve various issues and to aid in research. Since scientists have been able to draw out the human genome using sequence analysis, this field has become vital for cancer research.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the bioinformatics industry, here are a few ways to prepare yourself.

Necessary Education. To pursue your career in the field of bioinformatics it is necessary for you to have a completed your education in the relevant field. You must have taken as many courses as possible in the field of mathematics and sciences during your high school. During college, it is necessary that you must have undertaken programs in biology and computer science, although there are certain colleges that offer undergraduate programs in bioinformatics. For you to be eligible to get a job in the bioinformatics industry, some research institutions and companies might also require you to complete graduate studies in bioinformatics. This is sometimes mandatory for those who did not major in bioinformatics.

Work Experience. You need work experience in order for you to fully excel in the field. The reason behind this is that one should obtain the basic idea of a working environment before being ready to be involved in the industry. You can apply for an internship at a reputed company or any institution with the financial capability of supporting extensive research, such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities and even government agencies.

Build a Resume. A powerful resume because it gives out a good impression to the employer and it increases the chances for your being called in for an interview. Through an overview of your resume, an employer can determine whether you will be an asset to the firm or not. While writing a resume you should keep in mind what the employer is looking for. Be sure to highlight your experience in similar or relevant fields, as these are usually favorable to the hiring manager. Clearly emphasize why you think you have an advantage in the bioinformatics industry. Highlight your strong points, and don’t clutter your resume with unnecessary information.

Apply and Prepare Yourself. You can apply for jobs either online or through the local newspaper. Any past work experience would really help in getting the desired job. When going to interviews, be sure to research the background of the company and their thrusts. Each and every part of the job description should be carefully examined, so you are able to respond well to interview questions that might try to determine whether you are a good fit.

The major factor about the bioinformatics industry is that jobs are available even to people advanced degrees. For instance, this field includes careers such as laboratory technician work, education, communication or sales and marketing, manufacturing, business development, or information technology. Therefore, you have a wide variety of options, depending on your educational background. It is a diverse career with a lot of options and good opportunities for growth.


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