How To Score High on the ASVAB

Are you aspiring to join the military anytime soon? Well, get ready to take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or the ASVAB. It is a military-recruiter-administered examination that attempts to objectively profile both your acquired knowledge and your critical thinking skills in general science, mathematics, verbal acuity, technology, and spatial reasoning.

The ASVAB has a subtest referred to as the Armed Forces Qualifying Test, or the AFQT. It focuses on your number and verbal skills. Essentially, your specific scores on this subtest determine your eligibility in the military branch you wish to join. In fact, a superior rating on the AFQT is required should you intend to become part of the elite branches, the Air Force or the Coast Guard.

Here are some reliable tips to let you obtain an impressive overall ASVAB rating: 

Extensively expose yourself to the full-length tests. It is important that you get to simulate the test conditions. Taking the test as if it is already for real gives you the advantage to assess your current skills. You also need to time yourself to see how you stand against pressure. Normally, you a minute or so to answer a particular question.

The test is available in three distinct formats. You may need to compare and contrast which version is going to allow you to yield impressive scores. The first format, or version, is computer-adaptive. Here, your ability to manipulate the computer’s mouse and keyboard are going to be very helpful (if you are adept and computer literate) and very limiting (if you are a computer newbie). The second version is paper-based. It is usually offered when you are going to take your actual examination from a mobile site. And finally, if you are still in high school, you can take the paper-based student version.

Reinforce your mathematical know-how. Focus on your basic arithmetic. But at the same time, don’t forget to cover you algebra and geometry lessons. It is also beneficial to enhance your mental calculation skills. Calculators are not permitted so you should be ready to compute mentally if writing down your notes becomes tedious.

Enrich your vocabulary skills. Make your own vocabulary listing. Meanwhile, using flash cards can definitely help you do better in the verbal section. If you still have access to a SAT vocabulary study guide, refer to it. Although SAT is harder, it is going to challenge you.

Assess your science and technology proficiency. If the military job that you are eyeing requires honed skills in science and technology, you are expected to ace this. Otherwise, focus on your mathematics and verbal subtests.

Guessing can help you score better. Make an effort to answer each question. Of course, no answer is as good as wrong answer. Since there are only four options, you have 25% chance of nailing the correct answer. So, eliminate one or two obvious wrong answer so make you selection more guided or more intelligent. Your being physically and mentally prepared during the test date can make a difference. You should be up to answer over a hundred questions.


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