How To Setup a Charity Foundation

If what makes you happy is being able to help those who have so much less in life and your fulfillment lies in doing something concrete to make a difference for those who are not as blessed as you, starting a Charity Foundation could be just the thing you could get into. Although it may seem overwhelming at the onset, if your heart and mind are determined to make it happen, it most certainly can. Study the following guidelines to help you in the process:

  • Determine the kind of charity you are most inclined to support. A non-profit organization deals with activities that are charitable and have a number of categories you can select from, like religious, scientific, educational, or community benefits.
  • Identify exactly what your mission is all about. Make a study of all the benefits your community can derive from your mission. It is important that you write it down, not only for yourself but for others as well, who may be working with you on your project. They would want to know what to do and how to achieve your specific goals. Potential funders will definitely require the specific information of the charity they will be funding.
  • As in any organization, there must be by-laws that are basically specific rules that you follow in your organization. They must clearly define detailed explanations regarding the organization's decisions and who makes them, the way the organization is set up, and the type of arrangement for directing charity. How the organizations resolves its differences must also be included in the by-laws.
  • Form your board of directors who will help you with your organization, especially when it comes to making decisions. You will also need a registered agent who will be in charge of accepting official reports from the state.
  • Research on all the paperwork and documentations necessary to make your organization official and recognized. Because it is a corporation, you will need to file an application that you must submit to the Secretary of State's corporate division. You must submit an application to the IRS as well in order to be recognized as a Charitable Organization. You should also have a Federal Employer Identification number, which will be mainly used by the IRS as a form of identification for tax requirements. You may wish to hire a professional to assist you in getting all important documents in order.
  • Start advertising about your project. Be an active participant of your community and let people know what you are doing. It would also be good for you to collaborate with other charitable organizations and probably try to get into a joint venture with them. You can build up a reputation for your own organization by getting yourself involved with others.

There can probably be nothing more rewarding or a cause more noble than giving assistance to those who are in need. Nowadays, people tend to focus more on themselves and maintaining their lifestyles, missing out on experiencing the true joy of giving. If your heart is big enough to feel compassion for people around you, having a sincere concern for others aside from yourself, you are a very lucky person. Your efforts will surely be rewarded by a sense of fulfillment that money can not buy.


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