How To Shoot a Beretta 9mm Pistol

Loaded pistol

Shooting a Beretta 9mm pistol is simple, but there are safety concerns which every gun owner or user should remember. There have been numerous incidents involving an accidentally fired weapon. Safety is paramount when using any gun. Below is a guide on how to use this pistol:

•    Treat as Loaded. Regardless of whether you know it is loaded or not, always treat it as loaded weapon. Whenever the Beretta is being handled, always check and double-check it.

A chambered round is a term for having a bullet inserted into the firing chamber of a pistol. Once a bullet is chambered, the gun is lethal. Without the safety on, the bullet can be fired when the trigger is squeezed. Chambering is considered very dangerous and should not be practiced.

•    Keep Finger Off Trigger. Always grip the handgun with a finger off the trigger. The trigger can be so sensitive that a mere jolt or mishandling could cause it to discharge. Whether practicing or handling, keep your fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot.

•    Check Your Target. In the instance that you will use a weapon for practice, you have to inspect your practice target. Check the target if it will not cause the bullet to bounce off or ricochet. Ricochets kill a lot of people every year, make sure that your practice target is soft (paper, wood or plastic) and not made of metal.

Check the position of the target. It is a good idea to have the target at eye or chest level preventing aiming up which could cause the bullet to shoot upwards after hitting the target and hitting someone.

Check behind the target. People should not be around the target or behind it when a practice shooting is taking place. Make sure that when the bullet pierces through your target no valuable or person can be hit with it.

•    Aim to Kill. Only aim your pistol with the intention of shooting. Remember not to point the gun at any person when handling it. Do not aim even when being cleaned or serviced. Never aim even if the weapon is unloaded.

•    Safety On. Always have the safety lever cocked on. Never remove the safety of a weapon if there is no intention to shoot. Even when being brandished or targeted, removing the safety should only be done at the act of shooting.

•    Insert Magazine. Insert magazine with bullets. As long as there is a bullet, the gun is lethal. If possible, try not practice chambering a bullet.

•    Aim. Aim the Beretta at your target. Pointing it at the direction of your target with arms stretched at the ready. Assuming a shooter’s stance is advisable.

•    Safety Off. Slowly remove the safety lever. Do not change the aim.

•    Squeeze. Squeeze the trigger lightly. If pulled, the force might take away your aim.

•    Safety On. After shooting, always put back the safety lever to the on position.

It is fairly easy to shoot a 9mm Beretta pistol. All it takes is a consistent presence of mind for safety.


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