How To Start a Career in Fashion

You absolutely adore fashion. Nothing excites you more than your favorite designer's new Fall line, or the editorials in the latest issue of your preferred fashion magazine. If you've got the gusto for glamour, why not pursue a career in fashion?

Start off by deciding exactly what field in fashion you want to enter. There are a number of options to choose from. You can be a stylist, combining clothes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup to create a stunning look for your clients. If you'd rather make the clothes instead of just choosing them, become a designer. Sketch your designs and realize them in a rich mixture of textures, colors and forms. Express your creativity in the art of clothing.

Of course, you may also want to be the one wearing the clothes. If that's the case, enter world of modeling. Develop your signature look and live your dreams in the spotlight. Just remember that it takes a lot of upkeep to maintain a look, so you'll need a lot of discipline if you want to be a model. You could also be the one discovering models and getting them into print ads and runways. To do that, you'd have to be an agent, working behind the scenes on the business end of fashion.

If you'd rather write about these people and the picturesque lives they lead, look into a career in fashion journalism and see your work in Vogue and other publications. You can also choose to say it with pictures and be a fashion photographer, capturing the visual splendor of the day's fashion trends in print ads or magazine spreads.

Lastly, you can choose to be in fashion retail, getting beautiful designs into the market for people to purchase and appreciate. This entails a lot of responsibility, but it can also be a very lucrative profession.

Once you've picked an area to go into, educate yourself on it. Some schools, especially modeling, start at pre-pubescence, while others have classes open for individuals looking to jump right into the world of fashion. Go online and look up the different options you have for your respective training. Be patient and stay focused throughout your education, and you'll master the skills necessary to be a success.

It's also of utmost importance that you build an expansive network. The only way you're going to get far is through connections, so make as many friends in the industry as you can. Establish both business and personal relationship, and you'll go a long, long way.

You've got to realize that in whatever field of fashion you enter, you're going to have to be an original. Fashion is a cutthroat business where only those who stand out make names for themselves. Whether you're a model, a designer, a writer, or photographer, you've got to develop a style that's all your own.

Finally, approach the business with single-minded determination. Working in fashion is tough, and if you're going to make it anywhere, you've got to persevere.  It's helpful to stay informed on the latest trends by picking up online continuing education credits in design. Keep in mind that although the sheer insanity of fashion may make you want to tear your hair out and quit, in the end, fabulous will always be fulfilling. 


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