How To Succeed with Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia has been in the fashion jewelry business for no less than 30 years. Its mission is to “connect women to their dreams.”  As a direct selling company, Lia Sophia maintains an active sales force that aims to provide excellent customer service to both hostesses and customers alike. Continue reading to find out what will make you a success in this business as a Lia Sophia advisor.

Set your goal. How much do you want to earn each month? Is $400 a month enough or is $1,500 more to your liking? By having a monetary goal, you can then create your action plan on how to achieve this financial goal. If you are new to Lia Sophia, find out how much, on the average, most women earn at the early stages of their career as an advisor. This way, you don’t set a too high financial goal and feel dejected when you don’t achieve it.

Create your prospects list. Start writing down the names and contact information of people you believe would be interested in Lia Sophia’s product line. This should include family, friends, neighbors, professional contacts, social contacts (in church, other organizations and groups as well as on online networking sites). Not everyone on your list will want to host a Lia Sophia show. However, some of them may want to attend one.

Take advantage of training classes. Lia Sophia has different types of training opportunities. There are online training courses, previously recorded training programs and live training during conferences as well as at Reach Out Events. You can learn a thing or two about booking and recruiting, maximizing your tools and more. Of course don’t fail to ask your manager for tips and pointers. As a manger, she has the experience to help you succeed.

Learn other skills. Whether you attend outside training programs, take online courses or simply read articles or books, hone your skills especially in communications, sales and personal interaction. As an advisor, you have to be a people person. Smile; be positive and enthusiastic about the product and company. Be honest as well and don’t be too pushy. Pushy advisors are a turn off.

Set up a system. As an advisor, you can choose your schedule. Decide what days you want to work and at what times. As much as possible, stick to your schedule. But also have the flexibility to adjust when necessary. Create a separate email address and if necessary, a separate cell phone number for all your Lia Sophia contacts. Make sure your contacts have your “work” information. Organize your files and other documentation for ease of retrieval later on.

Review each show. Whether the show was a success or not, review it right afterwards. List down the positives so you can repeat them and the points for improvement so you can adjust the show the next time. Learning from your points of success and failures ensures that each show will be better than the last.

There have been many direct selling success stories over the years. With a product like Lia Sophia, it is quite easy to sell beyond what you hoped for if you have the proper tools, the right training, a great list of contacts and the necessary skills. But beyond these, you have to have the drive to reach and exceed your goals. Don’t stop at being an advisor. Aim higher each time until you reach the highest position in the Lia Sophia’s career ladder.


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