How To Train for Molecular Imaging Jobs

Molecular imaging (MI) is a medical branch that originated recently and it is still developing, so there is quite a demand for new professionals specialized in the area. Those who would like to become MI professionals can be trained at institutions like the Academy of Molecular Imaging (AMI), an organization which sustains and contributes to research and improvement in the field of molecular imaging.

The AMI is the organizer of many training programs with the aim to encourage scientists in becoming MI professionals and researchers. This is intended mainly for scientists in the United States, but students from around the world are also welcome. The central point of attention of the AMI is the variety of MI techniques, which are in vivo and in vitro analysis, such as ultrasound, optical imaging and positron emission tomography (PET) as well as single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The AMI is also interested in combining separate subcategories of molecular imaging, such as molecular diagnostics and molecular therapy. It focuses also on the scanning of the anatomical constructions of living organisms and the biological processes that can occur in them.

AMI Annual Conference. This international conference is held once a year. MI professionals comment about different topics connected to the area of molecular imaging and thus try to bring MI research to a higher level. Additional meetings take place every year.

AMI Journal. The journal of the Academy is called Molecular Imaging and Biology. It is quite an essential means of communication among members of the Academy, keeping them up-to-date about new discoveries and other developments. An online version of the journal is also available on the official website of the AMI at

Job Opportunities. The AMI also offers job opportunities to specialized professionals, such as neurologists, gynaecological and veterinary oncologists in clinics and hospitals throughout the United States.

The AMI has four subordinate independent institutions, and these are called the Institute for Molecular Imaging (MIS), the Institute for Clinical PET (ICP), the Society of Non-Invasive Imaging in Drug Development (SNIDD) and the Institute for Molecular Technologies (IMT). Those who achieve membership within the AMI must select one of these institutions, except the IMT, because it accepts the membership of groups rather than individuals. Each one of these four institutions within the Academy have a council of their own, but the Academy itself usually provides them with financial and administrative support, and the ICP, MIS, SNIDD and IMT often hold meetings and similar activities to fortify the relation among all four of them.

SNM Online Lectures and Workshops. Apart from the AMI, there is a similar organization, the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM), but it is less specific than the AMI. The SNM also organizes lecturers and workshops, and the data discussed in which are later uploaded on its website so that its online subscribers can easily access them. These online lectures usually consist of a presentation and a test about a topic related to MI and nuclear science.

The availability of these training programs stimulates the interest of many scientists and promotes further study and research in molecular imaging, so that from a small subcategory, MI will someday develop into a large category equal to the many others that exist in the vast world of medicine.


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