How To Volunteer for Youth Mission Groups

Volunteering for a youth mission opens new doors. You get the chance to travel to different places, to meet new people, get the chance to learn and be immersed in another culture, get to learn a new language and most of all, extend service and help to others less fortunate, promote closer ties and brotherhood, and contribute to spreading goodwill and implement the goals and objectives of the mission.

There are a variety of youth mission groups that need volunteers. You have to be physically fit, mentally-prepared, equipped with a good, caring heart, have compassion, willing to listen and prepared to do some hard work when you volunteer.

Some youth missions are closer to home, some require travel for extended periods. Some are funded by concerned organizations while in others you have to use your own finances to carry out the mission.

You can make inquiries and sign up with the local religious ministries, youth organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Camp Fire, United Way, Hands On, the YMCA/YWCA, community centers, foundations and concerned organizations, and school districts and global organizations.

Choose a youth mission group that better fits your personality and work ethics, so that you will feel comfortable while working with others. Check their goals and objectives and see if they coincide with your own goals and motivation for volunteering. Here are some options that you can choose from:

  • You can choose to volunteer on youth missions during the weekend.  The Youth Volunteer Corps of America have extended projects that they work on during the weekends, supervised by Team Leaders.
  • They also have school year missions where they work closely with teachers to design and implement service projects that tie the school curriculum with community service that can be done after school, during weekends and school breaks.
  • You can find seasonal missions like for Christmas where you can join other youth members in fund raising projects and sourcing food, clothing, gifts and more for distribution to marginalized communities, orphanages, hospices and the like.
  • Summer is a good time to sign up for youth missions. Try to find one where they bring the volunteers to other states or countries for a longer duration. It is better if the airfare and board will be funded by the mission.
  • If you have a flair for theater arts, then look for a youth mission that bring theater productions to other communities for special shows, maybe as a fund-raising project or as a presentation to bring cheer. You may have to audition if you are looking to be part of the cast or just sign-up as part of the theater production crew.
  • There are also youth missions that have musical groups. If you can sing, dance, or play an instrument, then look for such youth groups where you can offer volunteer service.
  • If you have had training in life saving, a strong swimmer, and have knowledge in disaster coordination and are strong physically, then look for specialized youth organizations that do volunteer work of this nature.
  • Other missions are religion-based and promote evangelism through community service. If this is your inclination, then sign up with them. They usually have year-long missions, broken down into specific time frames. Most of these groups have internal fund sources, so most of the time their missions are funded.

The object of being a volunteer to a youth mission group is to willingly serve other people. You cannot be picky when it comes to service like this. So you have to be physically prepared and mentally aware of what the situations may be like when you reach the destination. Keep and open mind and serve wholeheartedly.


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