How To Win in a Beauty Pageant

Titles such as Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss U.S.A. are among the dreams of a lot of beauty queens nowadays. Modeling to show their talent and wit, it is a fact that every lady who joins in a beauty pageant wants to bring home, not the bacon, but the crown. However, with the tough competition, winning is hard to achieve, especially if you come unprepared.

Though the decision of winning or losing will depend on the jury, your performance on the stage is definitely the prime determinant. With that, preparation has a very important role in your winning. So if you want to go home wearing the magnificent crown, check these following tips on how to win in a beauty pageant.

Things to Do Before a Pageant

  1. Do research about the pageant. Know all the rules and standards of the competition. If you have questions about the event, you can contact the officials at least a week or two before the pageant
  2. Know who the judges are. Check the history of the members of the jury and know, if possible, what they are looking for in a contestant.
  3. Determine what makes you unique and stand out from other beauties, and work on it. It is always important that the people, especially the judges, notice you.
  4. Hire the services of a pageant coach. To ensure that everything is well set for the big night, the help of a pageant coach is necessary. Also, the coaches have expertise on gathering helpful information and tips for your win.
  5. Practice your performance, especially your public speaking skills.
  6. Choose dresses and gowns that match your personality and fit your body well. Pick dresses that are formal and matched to the occasion.
  7. Get plenty of rest and engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Things to Do During a Pageant

  1. Act appropriately all the time. Always carry yourself with grace and show people that you are deserving of their respect. Be friendly with the other girls in the pageant. Respect them as much as you want them to respect you.
  2. Make sure that you have eye contact with the judges from time to time while you are on stage. The goal here is to establish a connection with the judges all throughout the event.
  3. Be confident in everything that you do.
  4. Answer intelligently during interviews. Be calm but sound enthusiastic and upbeat. If by any chance you do not know the answer or how to answer, have a deep breath first and still stand up confident. When you're ready, you can start talking. Remember, think fast but talk slowly. This way, you'll be able to filter out nonsense things to say during the pageant. Also, it's better to think first for the answer than give an immediate but senseless answer.
  5. Always wear a smile but don't ever fake it. The judges know definitely how to read your smile.
  6. Winning in a beauty pageant is definitely not easy. So if you wish to be the next Miss U.S.A, Miss Universe, Miss World, or whatever title it is, make sure that you prepare for it with care.

Remember that there will always be one winner in a beauty pageant. However, you can increase the chances of winning if you know what and what not to do before and during the pageant. So now, do your best in the next pageant that you will be joining and make sure to bring home the crown.


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