How To Write a Commercial Script

Writing a commercial script requires a good amount of skill and knowledge on different commercial themes. It is oftentimes challenging but once you are able to complete and satisfy your client's guidelines, the results can be very rewarding and magnetic.

  • If you are tasked to write a script for a certain product or service that you are not very familiar with, you will have to do a great deal of research about the brand or simply ask the company for a product portfolio. You will have to be knowledgeable about the special features, its uniqueness and difference from its competitors and the like. This type of information is crucial because this is going to be the basis in writing your script. You may also review the previous ad campaigns of your assigned product so you can avoid repeating themes and ideas which lessens the over- all impact of your output.
  • You may also want to watch related TV commercials and assess the different styles used by other producers. You may also take a look and focus on how the entire theme of the commercials is put together, including the actors' movements, their positions and how they deliver their lines, if applicable.
  • There are times when the company provides a script guideline for the commercial but most of the time they do not. Make sure that you ask and consult your client for all the possible details and information as to how they want the script to include and focus on, including the target market, how long they want the commercial to run, and of course their budget.
  • If you are working in a team, be sure to coordinate with the team members especially if a director has already been assigned in the project. Take note of the director's style, including his/her preferred location and casting. There will be instances where you will find some details in your script that have been removed or edited by the director or the advertising agency. This happens all the time. Do not take situations like this too hard and try to prevent this from happening by regularly consulting with them and explain why you included such details in your script.
  • Knowing your target market is also crucial so you can come up with the right format for your script. If you are writing an ad for a generalized market, then make sure that the concept of the script can be well understood and appealing to everyone.
  • Consider the budget allotted for the commercial. If you know that the commercial will run on limited funds, then do not include too much visual effects, explosions and the like. Keep it simple but clear and make sure that you have incorporated all the details required by your client.
  • Use your scriptwriting software where you can organize the content and important pointers in your script. It usually provides different formatting guidelines. You may want to make a two-column format where the video is uploaded on the left side and the audio on the right. The format also allows you to input all details and information including a topmost space where you can write all the names of the people involved in the making of the ad, the cast, the name of the company and the like.

Review your draft before sending it over to your client for their perusal. Be prepared for revisions or possible new drafts if your client is not satisfied with your initial output.


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