How To Write a Military Report

You must write high standards documents if you’re a military professional. Like civilian writing, there are guidelines that must be followed in order for you to write an effective military writing. Make the Army Regulation 600-70 Effective Writing for Leaders be your guide in writing a military letter.

If you need to write a military report, keep in mind that it’s just like civilian writing. The military report format might be different, but the information gathering techniques and writing process are the same. Use technical writing in military reports. Like civilian reports, the purpose of military writing is to disseminate information. Below are tips on how to write a military report effectively.

  • Know your audience. You must know if enlisted members or officers will read your paper. Know if your audience is familiar with the subject matter you’re writing or is it foreign to them? Think about your audience as you write so they will become engaged in your report. Make extra effort on researching about your audience, like research if they have prior workshops and seminars about the discourse. Your article will become natural and you’ll write it easily if you know your audience.
  • Gather all vital information for your report. You must be factual in your report. Having all needed information for your report will make you organized. The information will help you see the flow of your article as you write. Making use of documentation will help your report more credible. You can do interviews and make quotes. Credibility is vital in making any report, especially if your paper is stating facts and figures.
  • Determine your report format. You can use various format for your military report. You can write a Seven-Point Memorandum, White Paper, bullet style list, or a traditional Position Paper. Talk to your supervisor or to the officer in-charge of the report before writing so you’ll avoid any mistakes.
  • Make a draft before writing your final report. Ideas will flow smoothly as you write your draft. Write those ideas, and edit them later. Just ensure that you don’t miss any requested information. If you need to edit your paper thrice, do it. Make your every effort professional, be it writing or other duties. If you are told to revise your paper, do it humbly, but ask the reasons why so you can write it better.
  • Proofread your military report before submitting it. Detach yourself a day or two before you proofread your report. Asking a colleague or friend to check your report will help you find errors that you missed. Read your article twice or thrice before sending it.

Read military documents like Air Force Handbook (AFH) or Tongue and Quill. They are important resources in formatting military reports. You can find the AFH handbook online.

Other tips in writing a military report are keeping your paragraphs concise. Also, don’t forget that you are writing to express, not to impress. Capitalize all positions and ranks. Use a high quality printer and paper so you can have a clean military report. Make your report as clean as possible because it reflects your personality.


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