How To Write a Press Release for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies such as the police department may become the focus of negative publicity that will lead it to have a negative reputation among the people it serves. This is not helpful especially when these law enforcement agencies depend on the goodwill of the people to support them in their objective to keep the peace and catch law breakers. If the people do not trust the law enforcers, it will be difficult to have a harmonious coexistence in an area because the people will not have the confidence in their law enforcers.

This is where the public relations of a law enforcement agency come in. It has to come up with press releases that will help lift up the law enforcement agencies without being deceptive. It is also the responsibility of the public relations department or group to provide updated information concerning law enforcement such as new or updated rules and regulations, so that the affected people will be able to adjust and cope with the changes.

If you find yourself in that line of work, then you need to know how to write a press release for law enforcement.

  • Conduct a thorough research on the topic at hand. It is easier to write about the law enforcement agency’s accomplishments, but it is a challenge when you are about to try to save the reputation of the law enforcement agency when a mistake is done. Be very objective when tackling the issues and avoid blaming or finger pointing. Press releases should not contain any trace of negative human emotion to avoid further skepticism among the people.
  • Get to know what scoops your law enforcement agency is currently involved in. Usually, the media will have something to say about an accomplishment or a shortcoming. Whatever the case, be on the outlook for press releases from other sources so you can immediately prepare a response to these comments and stories.
  • Consult the higher ups regarding your press release. In law enforcement agencies, there is a hierarchy being recognized, and your press release should be reviewed and approved by the bosses to make sure that there will be no blunders this time.
  • When the law enforcement agency is currently not experiencing any negative publication, focus on writing press releases about the agency’s accomplishments, projects and campaigns. Also provide useful information in the press releases.
  • Be truthful in all your press releases. There may be times that you need to glaze the truth a bit to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. If this is the case, work closely with your superiors so you are sure that the law enforcement agency’s stand and decision will prevail.
  • Always provide the law enforcement agency’s contact numbers in every press release to inform people of the numbers they can call to just in case.

Press releases should not end in its printing and publication. The law enforcement agency should also follow this up with information campaign in communities, schools, churches and organizations. There should be events organized to reach out to people, letting them know that the law enforcement guys care and are within reach.


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