How To Get Human Resource Management Careers

The most excellent employees are the best and most productive investment that a company can have. In fact, most companies have a department dedicated to looking for excellent employees and honing their skills - the human resources department. Working in this department is not only a promising career but will let you enjoy the high-profile that only the boss has.

So, to start your boss-like profile and earning an attractive salary, you will have to choose first the career you want to pursue in the human resource management.

  1. Human Resource Generalist is usually needed by smaller companies to handle all work involving human resources like improving employee relationships and devising better strategic management.
  2. Director of Human Resources is simply the more advanced version of human resources generalist. But unlike the latter, they will be responsible for looking after many human resources departments. Usually, they only talk with the head of these departments and submits reports to his human resource executive.
  3. Employment and Placement Manager supervises the hiring and separation process of employees. They may also release the employee handbook.
  4. Employment, Placement, and Recruitment Specialist is responsible for recruiting the human capital and reporting to the placement manager.
  5. Recruiters establish and maintain contacts to people that can lead them to promising applicants.
  6. Employment Interviewer works like a middleman who matches the qualified jobseeker to the right job. Sometimes, this professional is also called the human resource consultant, human resource coordinator, or human resource development specialist.
  7. Job Analyst is responsible for preparing and creating every job's description, which is the detailed information about a certain job.
  8. Occupational Analyst does research about the workforce management and human capital's effects on the company.
  9. Compensation Manager works with the company's salary payment system. They make sure that the system is well-established and maintained. A small staff may also help him devise competitive pay rates.
  10. Employee Benefits Managers and Specialists take care of the different benefits programs for the employees like pension plans and health insurance.
  11. Employee Assistance Plan Managers are sometimes referred to as employee welfare managers. Their work varies greatly, covering health standards, physical fitness, health promotion, medical examinations, publications, recreation activities and a lot more.
  12. Training Managers supervise the different training courses for their employees with the help of training specialists. These courses may include skills development and better employee relations.
  13. Director of Industrial Relations creates various labor policies for employees. These policies are distributed as an employee handbook. They may also plan better strategic management for employees.

This list is actually only a fraction of all careers you can pursue in human resource management. But before you become qualified to work, you need first to take the necessary studies and training. You may even need to finish a degree. Don't worry about that because finishing a degree will give you a competitive edge against other potential employees.

Reading some good articles or journals about these jobs will be helpful. The Internet is full of these journals and articles. Just be firm on the human resource management career you want to pursue and your future will surely be bright.


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