How To Find Jobs Within the Prison System


Prison can be one of the loneliest places on earth, not only in movies but also in real life. That is why criminals in prison, even those who committed murder, still need humane services from professionals like police and crime officers. Fortunately, many people are interested in getting jobs and working within the prison and correctional systems.

If you are also planning to enter this world, you should know your options first. Processing your documentary files stating your work experience is easy. What's hard is choosing which among the possible jobs in the prison and the correctional system will be best for you. Here are some of the jobs you may consider:

  • Detention Officer - He oversees individuals who are recently arrested, makes sure that the laws regarding arrested individuals are properly followed, though treating the imprisoned person fairly.
  • Bailiff - This professional is also called a marshal or court officer. He is responsible in maintaining order in the court.
  • Correctional Officer - This is perhaps the most important job within the correctional system. He is responsible for overseeing the convicted prisoners, making sure that they are behaving properly.
  • Probation Officer - Some convicted criminals are not sent to prison but they still need to meet certain requirements. The professional who makes sure these requirements are met is the probation officer.
  • Parole Officer - Criminals are still supervised after they are released from prison. That's the job of a parole officer.
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist - This professional is also called the case manager. He provides counsel to inmates and plan rehabilitation programs for them.
  • Psychology Associate - This professional helps in promoting the mental wellness of criminals in prison. Planning for the prisoners' rehabilitation program is sometimes part of this professional's job.
  • Physician Assistant - If the psychology associate is concerned about mental health, the physician assistant is rather concerned about the physical health of inmates.
  • Registered Nurse - Although not that in demand, the prison and correctional systems still need registered nurses because no one can really avoid troubles inside the prison. If not rumble, some inmates may also get sick and may need immediate medical assistance, to which the registered nurse can help a lot.

These are just some of the hundreds of possible jobs within the prison and correctional systems. But before you choose one to apply to, make sure that you first have all the education and training requirements for each of these jobs.

Usually, finishing a Bachelor's degree program like criminal justice, social work and related fields is necessary. For advancement, you may consider taking a Master's degree in social work, psychology and criminal justice.

Of course, finishing high school education is badly needed for any of these jobs. Training is equally necessary to education before you can land a job in prison or correctional systems.

Preparing for these jobs won't waste your time, anyway. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that there will be a 17% demand increase rate for these jobs until 2016. It's worth the effort and time, especially that you will make more or less $40,000 a year with jobs within the prison and correctional systems.


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