How To Understand Popular Dentistry Procedures

Adequate dental care can give you the attractiveness and confidence that you need to succeed in this world.  Here are some popular dentistry procedures you can use to give you an edge:


  1. Tooth whitening removes stains on your teeth and gives you a brighter smile.  This treatment is usually done by a cosmetic dentist but you can also use home kits to do tooth whitening yourself.  At the dentist's office, tooth whitening is often done with lasers, which leaves your teeth white after an hour.  It can also be done by wearing teeth moulds filled with whitening gel overnight for several days.  Whitening toothpaste can also be used; however, results can take up to months. 
  2. A dental crown is a kind of cap that is shaped like a tooth, which is cemented over an existing tooth.  Its purpose is to improve the tooth's appearance, cover cavities, protect a weak or worn down tooth, and also hold a dental bridge securely. A dental crown is made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, metals, or a combination of these.
  3. A dental veneer is a thin layer of material, which is similar to those used to make dental crowns.  It is used for esthetic and corrective purposes.  A dental veneer can make teeth look whiter, longer or shorter, straighter, and more symmetrical.  It can also be used to close the gaps found in between widely spaced teeth.
  4. Dental bonding is done to repair a damaged tooth.  It can seal cavities, chips and breaks found in the tooth's surface, as well as fill in the gaps between teeth.  Like a veneer, it can also change the shape and size of a tooth, which gives it a more even look.  This can also deal with discoloration without the use of tooth whitening.
  5. Dental fillings are used to seal up cavities and cracks in teeth.  These can be temporary or permanent and come in metal or porcelain forms.  There are also fillings that match the color of your teeth to give a more natural look.
  6. A dental bridge is a set of false teeth, which are held together by a wire.  These can be permanently wired to the tooth like a dental implant, or be made in way that the user can remove it when necessary. 
  7. A dental implant is a false tooth, which is screwed upon the jaw or the gum line.  This is used to replace missing or extracted teeth, and is permanently fixed into place. For this procedure, the client is put under general anesthesia in order for them to avoid feeling the pain of surgery.
  8. Gum recontouring or gum lift is a surgical dentistry procedure where a cosmetic dentist alters or reduces the gums to provide a more attractive look.  General anesthesia is used for this procedure. 

When you have chosen a dentistry procedure to brighten up your smile, go to your cosmetic dentist and have your teeth checked and treated.  Afterwards, don't forget to thank your dentist for going to dental school.


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