How To Compare Data Acquisition Products

Data acquisition is used by electrical engineers and the electronics industry to measure different electrical or physical phenomena such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure or sound. Every data acquisition system is aimed at acquiring, analyzing and presenting information from the source. These systems incorporate signals, sensors, actuators, devices and different types of software to achieve its goal. There are a lot of data acquisition products, equipment and services on the market today, but we've listed only a few here to help you choose which one suits your personal or professional purposes:

  1. National Instruments' DAQ. National Instruments offers analysts complete and compatible USB data acquisition systems that can aid them in signal conditioning, producing metrics and measurements of voltage, temperature, strain and pressure, among others. National Instruments has a complete line of data acquisition and data logger products that can be used both by individuals and businesses alike. Aside from their product offerings, their solutions come with data logging software as well, for faster data analysis.
  2. RSI Data Acquisition Service. RSI specializes in materials engineering but dabbles in data acquisition as well. RSI provides solutions to measure the effects of a service environment on any component installed within the system, helping indicate unexpected failures, which aid in the modification of the original design.
  3. Agilent's Data Acquisition Hardware. Agilent's line of data acquisition hardware is considered to be the most compact, cost-efficient and all-in-one solution to all data acquisition and logging needs of groups and individuals. With the data recorder hardware's mainframe, it can operate as a standalone data device logger turning up to 50,000 readings of built-in memory and different plug-in modules. It also comes with different interfaces for connection and control with the computer, and comes bundled with a data logger software, which provides real-time updates and analysis of data.
  4. Yokogawa's Data Acquisition Equipment. Yokogawa has in its portfolio a complete line of digital acquisition equipment that can be used by different industries. Yokogawa offers solutions that are scalable designed for both the PC-controlled and stand-alone operations under harsh conditions. The company also offers products that, when combined with software, can offer the ultimate in measurement power with its multi-channel capability and high withstand voltage.

Data acquisition products, services and software are especially useful in gauging the effects of the aforementioned phenomena to the system and environment of the devices that you are testing. They provide accurate measurements and metrics that can help any engineer or developer in adjusting his projects to match the criteria or standards required of the device. While very helpful to manufacturers and industries alike, not many sectors are able to use data acquisition equipment and services because they tend to become expensive, given the vast amounts of components and equipments needed to run the analysis. Still, data acquisition forms an integral part in gauging the durability and sustainability of products and devices.       


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