How To Pursue a Career as a Health Service Librarian

Are you planning to take a job as a health service librarian?  Here is what you could do:

  1. Know about the roles and responsibilities of a health service librarian.  A health service librarian is assigned to collect, manage and access healthcare and medical information in order to be used by medical professionals or other clients for a variety of purposes.  They search for particular information related to health and medicine from a broad range of sources with differing levels of accessibility and comprehensiveness and present the gathered data in an orderly and usable way.  They also manage documentation dealing with patient care and research projects, which facilitates detection and treatment of diseases.  They also handle administration matters and further education regarding medicine and health care.
  2. Health service librarians have a variety of work they could do.  They can work as consultants, researchers, research organizers, teachers, workshop presenters and others.  They can have specialized work in agencies, corporations and institutions.  They can also become the chief information officer in research centers and hospitals, or the director of medical libraries.
  3. Health service librarians can work for the public sector, which deals with a broader range of work.  Working for the public requires the librarian to know how to relate to clients coming from backgrounds much diverse than those of clients who are in the private sector.  They should also know how to give public speeches and presentations in both big and small gatherings.
  4. Health service librarians can work in schools and universities, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, research laboratories, governmental institutions, teams of doctors and health care providers and other areas depending on the type of work required as well as the capabilities of the health service librarian.
  5. To get a job as a health service librarian, you must have an education in information management as well as English, math and sciences.  Having a Masters in any of these courses would be better.  You must also have a degree in life sciences such as biology, anatomy, chemistry, physiology, nursing, pre-medicine and the like in order to be qualified specifically for health service. 
  6. Health service librarians must know how to organize and manage printed material such as journals, charts, books, publications and the like.
  7. Health service librarians must be skilled in using computers, databases and search engines.  They must be able to access electronic data.  Also, they should be able to teach what they know to others in workshops and classes for medical personnel and provide consultation when required. Experience with computers and managing electronic information is beneficial.
  8. A health service librarian receives a salary amounting to somewhere between $40,000 to $100,000.  Salaries vary according to the librarian's skills and duties as well as the policies of the organization.   Companies involved in pharmacy and medicine-related work pays out the highest though governmental work is more stable.
  9. To find jobs for health service librarians, look in job search sites or classified ads.  You could also look up corporations or institutions concerned with health care in directories and inquire if there are health service librarian positions available.

Pursuing a health service librarian career requires you to research, get the necessary qualifications and look for a job.  Good luck in your endeavors. 


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