How To Be a General Manager in the Hotel Industry

The term General Manager refers to an executive who is responsible for the overall operation of the business. A manager is assigned to oversee a functional area but a General Manager has the overall responsibility for all the areas assigned to different area managers. In the hotel industry, the role of a GM may be different from other industries. He is accountable for the overall function of the hotel. In the hotel industry the GM has usually risen all the way through the ranks on the operations side. He can identify areas that need his action, which results after a thorough company analysis.

In a hotel, the GM adheres to the hotel’s budgetary guidelines in terms of fund allocation and expense approvals. He sets up standards for service to hotel guests and staff, standards of décor, food quality, housekeeping, and banquet operations. This is expected of him as a GM ecause he not only supervises the hotel’s staff but he also establishes and maintains pleasant rapport with hotel staff.

The GM manages the hotel so that it will achieve the scheduled financial goal. This financial goal relates to marketing strategies, negotiation with material suppliers, and increase in capital expenditure. He meets and greets guests, especially the VIPs. He organizes and puts forward reports to the management board of the hotel. He stays on the premises of the hotel and is on call 24 hours a day.

As GM, he reviews and analyzes the hotel’s expenditures to determine profits. To increase efficiency and services, he recommends purchase of new equipment, which incurs a capital expenditure. He approves expenditures within the budget limit. He negotiates suppliers’ contracts for materials and equipment.

Should there be customer protests, the GM investigates into the causes and reports to management board, if necessary. During review of guidelines or policies, the GM acts as spokesperson before government regulatory bodies on behalf of the hotel management.

As general manager, he recruits and monitors all staff. He conducts performance evaluation reviews of staff members under his supervision but he meets with all managers to discuss their staff members’ appraisals. He is in accountable for letting the new members know about the hotel’s policies and procedures.

The GM holds regular meetings with department heads to plan and coordinate, offer direction or just to keep them informed of anything. He is responsible for the management of all the hotel’s services and facilities and for the overall administration and operations of the hotel.

The position of a general manager is lucrative. He is assigned a comfortable working station, good food, and supportive staff. He can manage to be away from home and enjoy a hotel life almost like vacationing combined with business.


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