How To Find Security Consultant Training

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A security consultant is the one responsible for keeping a commercial building or business safe from robbers and other people who violate security. The security consultant must provide a means for the business to be safe. In order to be a security consultant, you must have sufficient experience in working for a security firm. Once you feel that you are ready and have gained a lot of experience, you can engage in a training course in order to get your certification as a security consultant.

Here are some of the websites that have information on security consultant training:

  1. Crime Doctor - This website provides a training course for security consultants. The training course covers different topics, such as business security, crime prevention, premises liability, risk assessment, retail loss prevention and home and family safety. There are also different topics covered on the website that cover different security measures for different places. The schedule and fees are available upon request.
  2. Mitnick Security Consulting - Some of the services that are available from the company include security technical testing, security compliance, security risk assessment, Internet security testing, physical security testing and forensics. There is also a training course available on the website. The seminars are meant for employees and professionals to be able to increase their knowledge of different security issues.
  3. Global Information Assurance Certification - This is a website for certified security consultants. They provide a training course that consists of two online exams that have 75 multiple choice questions each. The exam must be completed in two hours. You will be able to gain the certification once you have successfully passed the exams. This certificate must be renewed every four years.
  4. Bucks New University - The University offers training courses to become a certified security consultant. There are instructions on the website on how to apply for this course. You can contact the university through the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses that are found on the website. The course deals with giving the student information regarding different security concepts and management techniques.
  5. Openlearning - This website provides distance learning courses. The two courses that are available here are the Certificate in Security and Risk Management and the Diploma of Security and Risk Management. Through these courses you will be given 3 CDs for research, a training manual, access to an online library and to tutorials online if you need help. The courses here are recommended for people who want to get into security consultancy, law enforcement and investigation.

These are some of the websites that offer courses and certifications that will help you become a security consultant. You must pass all the trainings and tests to be able to get a job in security consulting. You must also back up your certification with experience working for security agencies. This will make your resume more appealing when you apply for your desired position. You can choose from the many websites that offer security programs in order for you to find the right course for you.


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