How To Start a Property Management Career

Before entering the job market, it is important to learn more about all careers that may be an option.  A property management career may be a perfect fit for any individual that has a strong outgoing personality, is organized, and is good with numbers.  However, it can be a challenging field to navigate and it is important to learn the tips and tricks to starting a property management career.  Although there is stiff competition, there are several things that can be done to distinguish oneself from other applicants.

Property management is much more than collecting rent, but the mathematical side is still a very important part of the business.  Not only is proper accounting required, but there also must be a strict budget for repairs and other expenses.  Any individual with strong math skills, or a bookkeeping background will stand a much better chance of securing a position.

An equally important part of managing properties is the ability to discuss circumstances and diffuse tense situations.  Even though good customer service is required, it may still be necessary to have difficult conversations regarding late payments and delinquencies.  Problems with the property also must be handled quickly and efficiently, so dealing with contractors is also a large component.  A person with strong skills in negotiations or a background in some type of collections should highlight these on their resume.

An individual with a background in construction or estimating could prove to be a very valuable find for a property management company, as this could greatly reduce the cost of home and apartment repairs.  It is necessary to keep all properties properly maintained, so organization is imperative.  A resume should highlight these specific skills, as these are typically major selling points.

Starting a property management career is not necessarily an easy task, but it can be very rewarding if a position is actually secured.  If an individual is unable to gain employment with a company, there is also the option of starting a business from the ground up.  This requires additional skill sets, but could prove to be a very wise decision in the long run.  Customers are not difficult to find, as few people realize how much is involved with being a landlord.  If a person has an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a company can be a good option.  However, if the idea of running one’s own business is unsettling, then it is normally best to simply keep looking for a company to work for.


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