How To Take a Skills Assessment

So, you've applied for that job, and are eager to begin, but wait!  What's this?  A skills assessment test?  What's that, you ask?  And why would I need to take one?  Actually, taking a skills assessment test is becoming quite the norm.  With so many prospective candidates vying for so few jobs, a great way for the employer to assess your skills before continuing further with the application process is to have you take a skills assessment.

A skills assessment is basically a short test, usually taken online, to verify that you truly qualify and can perform the tasks for the job at hand.  For example, if this is a virtual customer service position, an example of the assessment might be a section asking you to perform your typing skills.  What you could expect would be to be linked to a screen that would have a paragraph, requesting that you type it as you see it.  There would be a timer attached, and therefore, the assessment would record your typing skills, speed, and performance.

Another skills assessment example would be questions pertaining to the job at hand.  There might be multiple choice questions, which would then lead into other questions.  The skills assessment might have you choose from multiple choices, or it would ask you to choose words that have a similar meaning to the choice word in question.

Other popular skills assessments are to choose words based on qualifications or traits that you believe your prospective employer is looking for in a potential candidate.  Then, after that skills assessment, it will usually be followed by a very similar skills assessment to choose from the same group of words on qualifications or traits that you believe you most identify with, or words you feel most describe yourself.  This is basically a personality test, and the employer is looking for certain traits in their prospective employees.

There are usually no right or wrong answers when taking these skills assessments.  They are becoming more popular in lieu of a first interview, that way the employer can be sure that you have the appropriate qualifications for the job or position applied, and you may have a better understanding as to what the employer might be looking for in a prospective candidate.  These skills assessments help with the daunting task of weeding through many job applicants, and they help employers and businesses find the most suitable and qualified candidates.  It also helps future candidates prepare for what may be expected from a prospective employer.  Skills assessments are becoming a part of the future, and when applying for any job, it's your first introduction to what will hopefully become your new job!


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