How To Keep Busy while you are Laid Off

Being laid off from work gives you time to do things you need or want to do but can't while working for your job.  Here are things you could do to make the most of the time:

  1. Update your resume.  Now that you have the time to edit your resume, find ways you could improve it and make it current.  You could read tips in books, magazines, and online articles or ask for tips from experts in resume writing.
  2. Look for jobs.  If you're used to waiting for jobs to come to you, take the initiative and make use of job search engines, look at classified ads or call up businesses and offices to find whether there are positions for you.  Keep on sending resumes and never give up if they don't call you back.  People have tried sending hundreds of resumes to companies during the time they're unemployed, and they ended up having full-time jobs.
  3. Look for part time work.  Do job searches and ask around if there are part time jobs you could do.  Even though part time work may not be stable and may not pay as much as a regular job does, having many part time jobs can help you out while looking for a full time job.
  4. Improve your skills by attending trainings.  Doing so would look good on your resume as well as make you more qualified for jobs.  You can also improve your skills and update your knowledge regarding your work.  If you want, you could attend trainings to gain new skills so you could find alternative jobs to apply for.
  5. Go back to school.  Being laid off is the perfect time to go back to school and enhance your education.  You could also take up classes that are different from your original course so that you can change your career.  Take education courses so you could professionally teach what you know to others.
  6. Do volunteer work.  Helping others is a great way to spend your time; it will build your character, provide you with knowledge, skill and experience and give you contacts.  You can also find jobs while volunteering.  Most of all, you will feel good by doing good things.
  7. Be busy around your house.  If your house needs fixing, redecorating, or cleaning, you can do so now that you have plenty of free time.  You could also check your closets and cabinets to see whether you have clothes or items that need to be replaced.
  8. Do some networking.  This involves going to relatives, to friends, acquaintances, classmates, coworkers and anybody you know.  Not only could you do activities together to pass the time and catch up on things, but they could also recommend jobs for you.  You could also give out your calling cards so that they could keep in touch with you once they have found a job that you could apply for.

Unemployment brings the benefit of extra time, which is a valuable resource you could take advantage of.  Spend your time wisely, and do what is needed for you to get back on track.


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