How To Find Your Dream Career

At one point in everyone's life they wonder what their perfect career would be.  Many don't take the initiative to find out the answer because they don't know where to start.  No one is ever given a handbook on pointing them in the right direction to finding their calling in life. Still, following a few tips can open numerous doorways leading to the realization of what career best suites you.

The first step in pursuing your dream career is finding out what you enjoy in life and assessing your strong skills.  This is by far the hardest step, as sometimes our wants and passions change as the days go by, or maybe they just are not as obvious as we would like them to be.  To narrow down what you enjoy, first write down what you do not enjoy.  Make a list of everything that drives you crazy about your current job, since you definitely would not want these qualities included in your dream career.

Next is to round up all the qualities that interest you and match them up with potential jobs.  For example, if helping people is at the top of your list, life as a nurse or a customer service representative might be great careers to consider.  Research the different positions to gain a complete understanding of them.  Remember that although certain aspects of the job may seem rewarding, make sure that your strengths match up as well.  It is important to stay realistic, but it doesn't hurt to spend some time imagining yourself in different scenarios at work to try to picture your possible potential.

After understanding what jobs may be best for you, network with professionals in the fields that interest you.  They can then provide information such as what the career entails, the training needed, and it may even offer an opportunity to experience the field first-hand.  Networking can produce references and open more opportunities to get your foot into the career of your choice.

Finally, step up and work towards putting yourself into your dream career.  This may mean training, schooling, or even just sending out some resumes.  Don't pass up any opportunities, be completely open by never throwing away possibilities no matter how silly they seem, and be patient, as finding your lifelong career may not come as fast as just picking up another ordinary job.  Follow through with your research and networking to complete the process of accomplishing your dream.  Finding your dream career may offer quite a challenge, but the reward is a more fulfilling, satisfactory life.


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