How To Become a School Teacher

Teaching is considered to be the root of all professions. No person obtains any degree or earns a professional certification without passing all subjects. Becoming a teacher requires the person to provide an empowering education to every learner. This is to guide and prepare them towards their goal of having a good and valuable life.

Who can be a teacher? A person who aspires to become a teacher should have the personality that would work hand in hand with their students. They must be capable of instructing, monitoring and evaluating their students' academic progress. They should also be able to talk confidently to an audience. Aside from these skills, a teacher should also be ready to spend considerable time on school work such as making lesson plans, creating tests, correcting student papers and most of all, further study. 

What is required to become a teacher? To become a teacher, you must be guided by the following requirements:

  1. A teacher must have good and effective oral communication skills. Students often receive their educational instructions orally; therefore, a teacher must be able to teach the lesson effectively through an acceptable and understandable communication process.
  2. A teacher must be patient. He must also have motivational skills to deal with students from different backgrounds.
  3. A teacher must obtain a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in a specific subject or program.
  4. A teacher should undergo an approved teacher preparation program. He should learn about the different teaching methods, and also grab every opportunity to practice teaching with regard to completing the entire education course.
  5. And lastly, all graduates of the education course should pass the licensure examination as required by a state or sovereignty. Only a licensed teacher has the privilege to be called a professional teacher.
  6. A teacher who has not passed the licensure examination is least prioritized in any educational institution. However, he can still retake the examination. It is advised that they undergo a refresher course, dom some review in an educational review center, or obtain higher educational skills training.

Being a graduate of a Bachelor's degree program is not the end of the learning process for a school teacher. He should go on to obtain further studies. He can start by earning his Master's degree and doctorate. Seminars and further training will enhance a teacher’s effectiveness in schooling. In doing so, he becomes better updated not only in terms of educational trends, but also in the undertakings of the youth today. Understanding the youth and their current trends of living will enlighten the minds of teachers. This will help them assess the behavior of every student. It will also help them in identifying the root problems of any misbehaving or underachieving students. Evaluating the students’ problems assists the teachers in fitting together effective teaching strategies. It also helps in devising a way to create a productive learning environment for all students.

Preparing to become a school teacher is a worthy aspiration. It is also a big responsibility for any individual. But the fruits of teaching are honor and pride. The rewards of a teacher are not dependent on salaries, but on the students who would one day become effective and responsible leaders. Now, dare to inspire. Become a teacher.


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