How To Get Training and Qualifications for Clerical Jobs

So you want to land a position in a clerical job? Clerical workers perform general office work such as filing, documenting, record keeping and other administrative support services.

Clerical positions are one of the largest job categories in the world. Clerical careers are available in a variety of industries and offices such as in court, libraries, municipal halls, and hospitals, among other places. In fact, every office and business, no matter how small, always has clerical employment to offer. The clerical skills needed can be learned through experience and practice. Thus, even students who need extra income can find temporary jobs in doing clerical jobs.

However, some employers will require at least a year of clerical training for an individual to land a clerical job. Individuals who wish to enter into employment will have to improve their clerical skills by enrolling in a clerical training program in vocational schools. This program usually last 1 to 2 years and teaches students the basics of information and data management, computer skills, interpersonal relations, customer service, research and basic accounting. With this basic training, you can land entry level jobs such as a data entry job and telecommuting jobs, whether you are in Chicago, in Atlanta, in NYC, in Memphis, TN, etc.

You may also enroll in business colleges and universities if you want to pursue a clerical degree. Although college degrees on clerical training may not always be required by employers, those who pursue a clerical degree can increase their prospects for employment, promotion and higher pay. Getting an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in office administration and clerical services will provide you with the training to prepare you with the skills and knowledge required for employment. These skills include those that will equip you with the basic office administration and clerical skills required for promotion to office supervisor and management positions.

Here are typical qualifications required for clerical jobs:

  • You must have good organizational skills. Clerical jobs require a lot of documenting and filing. You must be able to systematically arrange your files so when your supervisors need certain data, you know where to look.
  • Good business writing and correspondence skills. This also includes having good grammar and spelling skills. Landing this job requires a lot of writing of business letters, among other paperwork.
  • You must also have logical skills required when operating office machinery such as photocopiers and printers.
  • Good computer skills and typing skills are also necessary. 
  • You must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Being in clerical jobs may put you into the front line of any business establishment, thus, you may have to talk to clients and customers, as well as keep a good relationship with your colleagues.

These skills can be learned through experience, practice as well as training in clerical programs. Clerical jobs may be among the largest job markets in the world, yet these may not be for everyone. As long as you have the required clerical skills and proper training, you can be sure to land clerical employment and advance to administrative manager positions.


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