How To Become an Application Engineer

What is an application engineer? An application engineer is one who works in specialized fields and areas for the building and construction, maintenance and improvement of a product, system or equipment. Application engineers are needed in a broad range of fields including research and development (such as in the search for alternative power sources), construction, electronics, programming, and even in corporate settings such as marketing and product improvement. Application engineers can command an annual salary of about 60,00 to 80,000 dollars.

If you’re interested in becoming an application engineer, here are some ways to help you get started:

  1. Obtain an engineering degree. Most application engineers start with a basic engineering degree. Some examples of engineers who typically go on to more specialized applications processes include college engineers, civil engineers, technical engineers, middleware engineers and electrical engineers. If you’re still in the process of considering which specific subfield of engineering you’d like to pursue, it’s best to map out which fields you’re most comfortable with and where you’d be most interested in working: would it be with computers and programming? Then perhaps you could take a computer engineering degree. Know that engineering is a very broad field and don’t just specialize in any of its subfields without gaining a thorough understanding of what it’s about.
  2. Develop proper work attitude and behavior.  Another one of the principal requirements of being an application engineer is having the proper work attitude. First of all, an application engineer should be creative and able to think out-of-the-box. These attitudes are a must because part of the job requirement of an application engineer is to enhance and optimize current systems and procedures. An application engineer should also be detail-oriented, as he should see even the smallest problems and areas for improvement that can occur on each daily operation. Of course, he should also know how to work within a team, as application engineers typically either manage a team of personnel or belong to one (since it’s hard to manage systems or procedures all by yourself). Most of all, part of an application engineer’s job requirement is to be highly technical since he’s dealing largely with operations and processes that will not be easily understood by the common layperson.
  3. Get further training on the field you’re eyeing. As engineering has many subfields, being an application engineer is basically drilling down further into a niche. For example, a web application engineer would need to gain intense training on the particular software tools and language specific to the site that needs to be developed; an automotive application engineer would need to be well-versed on the workings of his company’s vehicles and would know how to test them for quality and workability; a software application engineer should be thoroughly knowledgeable on how to manipulate and work the software system through the best programming languages and methods available.

The good thing about the training required for an application engineer is that most of it can be gained through experience while on the job. Most jobs would require basic training and education for hiring purposes, and then it’s up to the engineer to develop his skill by studying his company’s specific product and systems, and attending relevant training.


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