How To Become an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant

Have you ever thought of being an administrative assistant? If you are planning to be one, you ought to be aware that this job does not come easy. Organizing meetings and scheduling your boss' appointments are not the only things you need to do. You are also required to create reports, talk to clients, manage people and handle confidential works. As the name implies, you have to take charge in certain administrative tasks. You may have to oversee equipment repairs and acquisition of a new office location. You may also be the one expected to disseminate different administrative information.

  • Your duties may vary depending on where you work and your level in the company. If you are working as an executive assistant, you may have more responsibilities and more privileges. As an assistant coordinator, you may need to support the coordination of different activities from seminars to department activities. If you are working in a law firm or a medical company, then you might be expected to be knowledgeable in certain terms used in that field.
  • To carry out these responsibilities, you must have excellent clerical and communication skills. You have to know how to properly write business letters and proposals. You should be able to effectively articulate your thoughts. You should have grammatical mastery so you will be able to write and talk effectively. You need these skills because circulating information is part of your everyday tasks.
  • Having technical skills is also important. These technical skills depend on what administrative tasks you need to do. But you should at least be able to know how to operate a word processing application to write your reports properly. It will also be good if you know how to create presentations for your company meetings. Many companies require their employees to be computer literate. You should know how to work on a computer. You should be able to compose emails and surf the Internet for information. Being technology savvy will surely give you extra points on your resume.
  • There are also different trainings that you can get to make your resume more appealing. These trainings will help you to enhance or develop the skills that you need to have to be an effective administrative assistant. There are various online schools where you can enroll yourself. They have programs designed to help you get that job. If you are not at ease with these online schools, you could also look for a local school near you that offer trainings for administrative assistants. These trainings also often give tips that can help you with your interview. You could go on training for a week before you apply in a company so you could be sure that you have what it takes to be an administrative assistant.

Many people think of this job as an easy pick. On the contrary, an administrative assistant has a lot of responsibilities. If you are sure that you have the necessary skills and trainings that you need to effectively work as an administrative assistant then go on and apply in a company near you.


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