How To Use Career Resources

Employees, whether new or old to the market, are looking for creative options to find and use career resources.  Workers are looking for ways to keep resumes current, improve job skills, and continue to have sought-after job skills.  For those who have lost employment, finding career resources is even more critical.  Available jobs are harder to locate and finding the best methods to reach and impress employers can require assistance.

Evaluate Needs

What kinds of career resources are required?   If you are currently employed, then is the goal to improve your skills and education to expand your long-term job opportunities?  Do you possess adequate training, experience, and education, but lack access to job opportunities in your field?  Career changers will require information.  Career education will determine what additional training, education, and resources are needed to compete in the new field.  Are you new to working, and do you require career education to settle upon a field or to seek employment?  The answers to these questions can determine where and how you will seek career resources.

List Assistance Required

Once you have considered the career resources needed, making a list can help determine where those needs can be best met.  The career assistance required by someone new to the workforce will be different from that of an experienced employee.  In addition, the career resource requirements of someone changing careers present different challenges from those of a person who is seeking to stay within a field in a new company, or to advance to a higher position.

Consider Professional Organizations

Many people have belonged professional organizations for years without utilizing the depth of their resources.  Along with opportunities to network with other professionals, some professional organizations also offer career placement, advice, and training for members.  For those who are currently employed, these courses can open avenues for job advancement.

Utilize Unemployment Office Resources

For those who are seeking workshops on job hunting, career changing data, resume writing, cover letters, and other basic career assistance, the local unemployment office does provide these.  One does not have to be unemployed to utilize these career resources.

Alumni Should Return to College

Most colleges allow alumni to use career resources without charge.  Colleges are good career resources for basic job hunting skills and a great place to learn about changing careers.  Many services are available online for alumni who cannot access career resources in person.  While many job listings are entry level, nearly every college does have some sort of alumni network set up to assist students and alumni with job placements.

There are many ways to use career resources as both an employed and unemployed worker.


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