How To Get Video Game Designer Education and Training

Instead of all the time you spend in cyberspace playing video games, why don't you spend your time creating your own video game and become a video game designer?

By being a video game designer, you continue to be a part of the world you love while you earn and enjoy what you do. Besides, there are many video game jobs waiting for you. Just think about the recent revolution in gaming consoles. This marked the increased demand for video game careers like video programmer, video game development, and video game testing.

You can even get better video game jobs if you study well and train hard. As long as you love video game development, you surely can be successful in a game design career. But how can you be the best video game programmer or video game testing professional without enough knowledge and training? So here, compile what education your brain needs so you can create the next Counter Strike.

1. Get educated. Creating video games is really a very sophisticated process. You are required to know a lot before you can finally create your very first video game program. Although self-study will be helpful in preparing you for this next big thing, still, getting a guide to teach you is the best. That is why enrolling in a degree program is advised. Here are some of the courses that may be helpful in preparation for any video game design careers:

  • Computer Programming. No game developer can create a game without knowing how to be a video game programmer and to create software.
  • Computer Animation. This course can be the most interesting because this will teach you how to create the characters for the game.
  • Computer Science. This course is similar to Computer Programming. But consider this as the more advanced version, because it goes into the theory behind the programming languages.

These courses are just some of what you can take for your education preparation. Explore other options to see the best course that will fit your tastes. Get to know more information also about various schools. The schools will be big influences on your learning.

2. Get training and prove your video game designing skills. Landing a game design career without proving what you can do is very difficult. That is why you need to have some training and use the theoretical information you learned from schools before you go into the real battle. Here are some suggestions where you can get your training:

  • Apprenticeship/internship. Game design companies will be very glad to train newbies like you. Besides, great game developers were just like you once. Through this, they can discover new talents and help develop that talent for mutual benefits.
  • Create and share your game online. Many people will be interested to download your game and provide comments. Don't worry about the downloading, because a lot of file-hosting sites can be used for free sharing of your video game.

After that, you can finally enjoy the thrill of creating another battlefield. Not to mention the high salary you can expect from just enjoying the thing you really love to do and would really love to become--a video game designer.


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