How To Recognize Navy SEAL Weapons

The weapons and equipment of a Navy SEAL team basically varies from mission to mission depending on the outside factors that directly affect a typical mission scenario. Of course most of them are kept top secret, but a Navy SEAL's function can be broken down into two parts, which are Search and Destroy or Search and Rescue missions. As said there can be a number of variations that depend on the scenario of the mission which means we can only provide you with the list of a Navy SEAL team's basic weapon's kit.

The United State's Special Operations Command or SOCOM is basically tasked to oversee and command the training and equipping of all the special operations branch of the military. The Springfield armory corporation basically provides the majority of SOCOM's equipment and weapons, the same company that made the infamous World War Two Springfield sniper rifle. Almost all are provided, except the Luminox diver's watch that is issued to every SEAL team member. Of course you can also include the fitness training videos that show the SEAL's physical training regimen, plus the souvenir shirts that bear the logo of the service. Now that we've got that cleared, let's get down to the more exciting part.

Primary weapon - The primary weapon is basically the "long firearm," a common operative is usually issued this during an operation.

  • M4 Carbine - Uses the 5.56 mm rounds and is fully automatic, basically a knock-off the M16 rifle. An under-barrel M23 grenade launcher is commonly attached.
  • Heckler & Kotch MP5 – Uses the basic 9 mm rounds, is fully automatic, small and compact. This particular sub-machine gun is widely used by the military and law enforcement agencies all over the world, particularly by SWAT teams. It's ideal for close quarters combat and rapid deployment situations.

Secondary weapon - It is basically known as the sidearm, usually used when the operative is in a bind, usually when there is no time to reload the primary weapon. Sometimes used when operatives are stuck in awkward positions and there is no room to maneuver a large weapon.

  • Beretta 92 FS – This is now the most widely used sidearm for the US military and law enforcement agencies; it's the next best thing since the legendary 1911 45 caliber. The advantage being that the 1911 only holds seven rounds while the 92FS holds about fifteen.
  • Heckler & Kotch 9mm Glock – More compact than the Beretta, it is usually preferred by agencies when it comes to issuing operatives. It is somehow mistrusted by veterans due to the fact that its mechanism is composed of reinforced carbon polymer plastic, unlike the traditional wood and steel combination.

Other SEAL weapons and equipment

  • SEAL knife 2000 – Now known as the SOG SEAL knife, the standard combat knife issued to all Navy SEALs, basically the only weapon in the armory that bears the Navy SEAL logo.
  • (SDV) SEAL Delivery Vehicle – All special operation branches of the military basically have the same function. What makes the Navy SEALs so special is their entry when going into operations, which is usually done underwater. In layman's terms the SDV is basically an underwater rubber raiding craft that is usually deployed in a submarine's deck shelter while submerged. It can carry/drag a whole SEAL team with all their equipment up to a certain point on the shore depending on their rally point. This equipment basically gives the Navy SEAL its combat deployment and extraction edge.

This set is as basic as the Navy SEAL equipment can get. But we have to remember the veteran's words, which are, "It's not the toys that make the men, it's the training."


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