How To Work for a Web Design Company

The internet is a job prospect like no other. Rarely now will you find a business or commercial without a reference to a web page containing more details on its products and services. Yet, web pages can actually alienate viewers with an amateurish design. Appealing web pages are crucial to a business's survival, and can be ensured with a professional web designer.

The path to a job in designing web pages requires a bit of research and preparation. Before anything, you need to gather some necessary skills. Web designers have gone beyond HTML and javascript. PHP, MYSQL, CSS, XML, Flash, and knowledge of color palettes form the tool set of today's web designers. Familiarity with professional and free web design software, as well as common blog platforms, can prove helpful in your quest.

Regardless of how you've acquired this knowledge, it goes without saying that no company will hire you without some proof of your qualifications. Degrees in web design, and even exam certifications, can help. However, nothing works quite like a portfolio. Your repertoire of skills should be accessible on your own personal web page or blog. Recently, budding web designers have found their way to social networking sites - being a popular meeting ground for job search.  You should have various accessible web sites up and running. Ideally each would have a different style, color scheme, and data management; each could feature a language more than needed, so that they could become a beacon of your skill in a specific language. Though you could design these for the sake of having web pages to display, a more lucrative method would be to have done some freelance web design. Doing so could even allow you to, with permission, refer to any freelance employer who could give recommendations about your speed and customer service. Freelance jobs can be found on websites such as,, and

Armed with a thorough portfolio and a possible previous client list, it is time to find a company to hire you. Traditional methods of finding employment - newspaper ads, and asking your local businesses - are all wonderful methods, but outdated ones. You could check out listing on yahoo! Jobs, or merely go on the official web sites of some companies and forage out their jobs section. Participating in web design companies' blogs, accompanied with a link to your portfolio, could inspire blog owners (and readers) to check you out.


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