Make Windows XP Desktop Look Like a Mac Desktop

Apple computers are known for their easy to use design and the sleekness of their look.  But it is not so hard to make a Windows computer look like a Mac.  There are plenty of things you can do to make your Windows computer have the feel of a Mac.

  1. The first thing is get rid of any unused icons, but don't get rid of all of them.  Mac's may have less desktop icons, but they still have them.  Decide what you need and what you don't need.  When you have your desktop icons paired down, the next thing you need to do is hide the taskbar, where you would normally see all your running programs.  The way to do that is to right click on an empty part of the taskbar.  Select properties and in the window that opens, check the box that says "Auto hide the taskbar" hit 'OK' and there you go, one hidden taskbar, your computer is already looking more like a Mac.  Also, unlock the taskbar, then drag it to the top of your screen then lock it again so that it auto hide's at the top of your screen.
  2. Next you need to emulate the look of the Mac launcher that sits at the bottom of the screen.  An easy and free way to create that look is a program called RocketDock.  It's an easy to install, small program that will emulate the look of the Mac dock at the bottom of the screen.  Once that is installed you can drag icons to the dock to make them run from there.  You can also adjust the setting of the dock to make the windows minimize to the dock and not to the taskbar.
  3. Macs are known for having what are called widgets on the desktop.  Little programs that show weather or notes, or a calendar, or anything you want.  Both Google and Yahoo have downloads that you can get that will put widgets on your desktop.  Just drag them to different places on your desktop to make it look even more like a Mac.
  4. The last thing to do is to change your desktop background.  You can either download Mac backgrounds or you can choose a high resolution background to give it a bit of style.  Just remember, you want the computer to look like a Mac, so don't use any of the pictures that came as backgrounds on your computer.


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