How To Use Anti Spyware Tools

Spyware can't equal worms in terms of harm that you and your computer could possibly suffer. But spyware can be very dangerous, too. The worst spyware can cause you unbelievable trouble -  like obtaining your credit card information and stealing your money. A spyware can also record your computer activities without you knowing it. Luckily, you can protect yourself against the top spyware by installing anti spyware tools for your computer.

An anti spyware tool, as its name suggests, is a program used to identify, search, disable, and erase spyware malwares like adware spyware or virus spyware. Here's how anti spywares commonly work:

  1. Once installed, it will perform designated tasks. It may run on the background to monitor any applications running in your computer.
  2. Most spyware removers will alert you immediately if they have found any malicious program suspected to be a spyware. These are mostly wary to spyware download.
  3. The anti spyware's action will depend upon your settings. It can immediately erase or move the malicious file to the vault. If not, it can alert you of the malicious file's presence and ask you what to do with this file.
  4. Depending on your command, the anti spyware will whether remove it, move it, or just quarantine it.

Since spyware removers work the same way, what makes one superior to another? It's the spyware database they have.

Each anti malware application has a special database where it lists all malicious programs, especially the top spyware. An anti spyware will only consider the files to be malwares if these are listed in the database. Yes, there is the chance that an anti-spyware program may miss a very dangerous spyware just because this is not listed in its database. That is why you need to constantly update your anti spyware's database so you can get the best protection from it.

Now, what are the anti spyware tools that can give you and your computer the best protection? In no particular order, you may choose:

  • Ad-ware SE Personal Edition. You may have one of the three premium versions of the program but according to critics, its free version works fine. Aside from doing the basic anti spyware work, Ad-ware SE is very easy to use. It can even show the recent documents you opened, recent applications used, and your search history.
  • Spybot Search & Destroy. This is not only one of the best but one of the most commonly downloaded free spywares. It's also easy to use and its scanning speed is unbeatable.
  • PestPatrol. You can have this for about $39 but expect its features to be better than any other free programs. With this, you are given more searching options that are certainly beneficial for faster and more effective spyware protection.
  • Spy Sweeper. For a yearly fee of about $29, you can enjoy the benefits of having Spy Sweeper. It can guard you against any spyware threats like hijacking and installation of malicious files.

There are still many other software tools that can help you fight against adware spyware or virus spyware, so don't limit yourself because the above list may not work best for your situation. It's advisable that you read reviews first before using any anti spyware software.

These anti spyware programs can be easily downloaded from their websites. Famous software downloading sites like Softpedia and Cnet allow anti spyware download also. But remember, reading reviews can help you a lot in choosing the best anti spyware for you and your machine.


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