Benefits of Using Model Simulation in Your Work

What is model simulation? This is the re-creation or reproduction of a particular condition using computer software for analysis and forecasting purposes. Here are some benefits of using model simulation in your work:

  • You will be able to anticipate potential problems and risks. Simulation software enables you to see the different workings of your business and allows you to see the likeliest outcomes based on programmed factors, including regional market trends, consumer preferences, a possible major economic event or current industrial situations, social demographics, and so on. By programming in these factors, you will have the advantage of being ready for the likeliest outcome of your business, to prepare for them, and to adjust the workings of your business to accommodate these trends and patterns

  • You will know the potential outcome of a situation. By employing model simulation, you will be able to predict the likeliest path your business, product or service will take based on programmed conditions. For example, if your business is related to climate changes, you could use transient simulation to enable you to see the possible changes in humidity and precipitation, temperature and other factors, based on the prevailing climate trends. This could be especially important if your research/business is in a location that is very sensitive to climate, such as in the forest or desert area.

  • You will be able to better understand how specific situations came about. Sometimes it's hard to see how a particular business scenario came about. However, available simulation software such as agent based simulation programs attempt to recreate the dynamic and concurrent operations of different agents and then enable you to isolate these different factors and to see them at a micro level. This will allow you to closely examine how each particular factor contributed to the present condition. For example, if your business is experiencing lower productivity than usual, you could examine the different factors that were at play, and then see which may be the root cause of this negative production. Agent based simulation can also work to see how these different factors would dynamically work together towards creating a particular path for your business. 

  • You will get a more thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of your product. By using model simulation software, you will be able to examine your product and services at a more intensive level to see if it would truly deliver results. This is especially important if your business deals with items or equipment that are harder to test, such as large and complex machinery, or if your service's effectiveness is determined by such hard to manipulate factors as time and distance. You could also use dynamic simulation, which enables you to replicate how an item would work or react in given situations.

  • You will be able to prepare the best conditions for your business. Through the use of simulation models, you will be able to foresee which conditions would provide the best results for your business. To illustrate, it is better that you would know right during the planning stage how to physically set up your business to ensure maximum effectiveness, than if you would discover it from experience later on and waste money on upgrading and rebuilding. With this benefit in mind, simulation software can be used for city building using city simulation software, to help plan for such factors as road routes, city lay-out, development, and potential risks and hazards.


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