How To Choose the Best Email Archiving Solutions

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Electronic mail or emails have long been replacing the traditional snail mail in terms of communication. The advantages of email are numerous; a reason why it is used for both personal and business reasons. Since the nature of this data is electronic, it is indeed hard to store, especially if there a large volume has accumulated over the years. The solution that many business organizations rely on is email archiving.

Basically, email archiving is a solution that stores all received and sent emails to the company. This is necessary to meet the email compliance policy in terms of communications and storage.

Since this archiving uses a virtual storage tank system, this approach is seen to be of help in terms of:

  • Unlimited Storage. The unlimited capacity of mailbox storage provided by email archiving solutions helps those businesses that receive a huge volume of emails. There is no need to delete old emails but still have room for more, thus helping meet email retention policy.
  • Easy Email Access. The document archiving protocol that is followed by this program enables organizations to find old emails when the need arises. One email policy of keeping records of documents for a certain period of time is being achieved.
  • Increased Server Performance. The fact that document archiving uses virtual appliance rather than the company email server itself makes a difference. By not flooding the email server storage, the performance and efficiency of the system is being maintained at its best.

What are the best email archiving solutions?

There are actually two kinds of document archiving solutions, both having the same end results, of course. However, the best solution depends on what is required by a company. Here is a short description of the two:

  • Journaled Email Archiving. The tasks in email archiving are usually done by the company’s IT department. They mainly use a software from an email archive provider to help out with the storage of the emails.
  • Hosted Email Archiving. In this system, the tasks to do email or exchange archive are passed on to an email archiving company rather than their IT department. A good thing about this system is that the IT department can be given more time to perform other tasks in the company.

The question now is, how can you know what is the best email archiving solution for your company. The prime determinants of this decision are the IT department, the budget, and the amount of emails circulating in the company.

If you have a small IT department with a large amount of emails coming in to be stored in an exchange archive, it is better to invest in the hosted email archiving. On the other hand, if you have a large IT department, no budget for outside archiving, then journaled email archiving is not a bad choice.

In the end, no matter what kind you choose for your company, the most important thing is that you achieve all the goals in handling all those emails. Whether it is for the email compliance policy or recording purposes, both can be achieved with the email archiving solution that you ultimately choose.


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