How To Find Best Internet Services for Laptops

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Laptops are portable computers which allow the user to work and use Internet services from anywhere they are. Although there are different ways of connecting to the Internet, there are still factors that could limit your mobility. These are the different ways of connecting to the Internet with your laptop.

  1. Mobile Broadband - A new way to connect to the Internet from anywhere you may be is through mobile broadband. This type of technology is starting to become popular since most people with laptops have difficulty locating and actually going to an establishment with free WiFi just to check their email or do work on the Internet. Mobile broadband provides the convenience of accessing the Internet from practically anywhere you are.

    This technology uses the same signals that mobile phones use so you can connect to the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is a mobile phone signal. The Internet broadband is connected through 3G which is provided by mobile phone network services.

    A USB modem, also known as a dongle is connected to the USB slot on your laptop. The dongle already has an application that installs on your laptop and initializes an interface to use for connecting to the 3G network.

    The Internet connection speed will vary and is dependent on the mobile broadband coverage. Depending on the mobile broadband service provider you go with, your connection will be based on the distance you are from their mobile phone transmitter tower. So the closer you are to one of their towers the faster and more reliable your mobile broadband Internet connection will be.

    Mobile broadband ISP service providers offer various packages for    their subscribers to choose from. Some of these packages will have an allowance of free hours to use the service connection each month and you will only be charged for any excess of the free hours.

  2. WiFi - WiFi Internet services are found in establishments like libraries, the mall, schools, airport, and coffee shops or even in your home. A wireless networking card is installed on your laptop that allows you to connect to a wireless network. The Internet connection is attached to a wireless router that transmits signals so you can connect to the Internet whenever you and your laptop are in range of these signals which are called WiFi hotspots.
  3. Network Router -  If you are in your home you can connect to a network router that has an Internet connection. The Internet connection will be shared via the router and you can connect an Ethernet cable to link your laptop to the router and enable you to access the shared Internet connection.

The mobile broadband Internet service seems to be the best Internet solution for the laptop because it is not as limiting as all the other Internet connections like WiFi. While WiFi limits you to small area coverage, mobile broadband reaches as far as mobile phone coverage.


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