How To Find the Best Software for P2P Communication

File sharing in this day and age of the Internet has been further revolutionized with the creation of peer-to-peer communities. Peer-to-peer communities, more commonly known as P2P among the computer savvy folks, are a network of people who give and take just about any form of digital data that are stored in their respective computer's hard drives.

Before, when you wanted to access, say a certain copy of a book or a movie, you would have needed to browse through the Internet searching for Web sites that would hopefully let you download it for free. But with the creation of P2P, you can now limit your search within a network of people who are more than willing to share their files, provided that you share yours as well. This in turn minimizes the time and effort you spend browsing through the Net. What's best, P2P communities have set up a system of communication so that the members can freely talk. Helping other members look for hard-to-find data is not uncommon among P2P communities. So maybe you're having a tough time looking for a specific copy of a book, then chatting with the online members of the P2P community might just result in finding that specific data you have been persistently looking for.

To start getting involved with P2P communities, of course, you will need to sign up for one. You will also need a software application to be able to start giving and taking data in the P2P community you have joined. The most popular of these would still be BitTorrent and LimeWire. Shareaze, WinMX, Ares, and eDonkey are just some of the competitors that have sprung up and have earned their fair share of users.

So you may ask -- which is the best software for P2P communication? The answer to that will all depend on you. Since you are allowing P2P members to access the files in your personal computer once you sign up to be included in their file sharing network, then getting software that can be conveniently set to increase security on your machine should be your very top priority. Add to that a P2P communication software application that will be easy to use and with enough filtering capability that you do not end up having your personal computer installed with viruses and other malicious software such as adware and spyware. And of course, using a P2P communication software application that does not make your Internet connection crawl will be another plus. While it can be annoying, trying out each should be considered to make sure that you land one that best suits your requirements and preferences.


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