How To Get the Best Computer Time Clock Software

Time clock software is becoming more popular with large companies. The rigors of tallying each employee's time at work cannot go at par with the quickness of the innovative time attendance software. Aside from that, daily and monthly assessments can be made in a snap. Time clock software enables you to check on lateness and absences without having to physically go through each worker's punch cards. With just one button you will see what you want to see, much like Quickbooks, which tallies all the expenses and audits for your business. Here is some of the best time clock software on the market.

  1. The Time Clock MTS. This software uses the mouse as an input device to time in. Useful end-of-month reports are also available with this program. There is a 30-day free trial that can be downloaded on the web. The suitability of the Time Clock MTS for employees with any level of computer knowledge makes it one of the best on the market.
  2. The Shop Clock. This is a timesheet program that has an interactive calendar that lets you easily see sick leave, absences and overtime hours in just one view. Additionally, backing up data to a USB device would not be a problem. It can be done with just one click of the mouse.
  3. The Time Card Manager. It is on the A-list for time and attendance programs, because it allows laborers to have breaks, since with this software they still use an employee card, used like a punch card--the only difference is that it is digitally recorded. Employees have to enter a pin when they log in and out. A plus with this is the individualization (of course, according to your policy) that you can make for each member of your staff.

Some other top programs include Time Card Plus, Time Clock Pro, Real Time, Time Pilot PC, Lion Time and JD Punch Clock. Several other programs have web-based capabilities and are accessed commonly for a monthly fee.

Before you install one, a few things must be considered. Timesheet software does not just run on any machine. There are requirements to be met for them to be used optimally. How would you know that that particular time clock software is compatible with your computer operating system? Start by ascertaining your desktop's operating system. Computer operating systems vary. Your desktop could have a Linux, a Mac or more commonly, a Windows operating system. It would be of great advantage to know the version of the operating system; say for Windows there is XP, XP Professional, Vista, etc. Even for web-based software, you should look into this detail. Redcort Software, for instance, specifies the software it can work with, on Macintosh and Windows computers.
If you want a kind of time and attendance software that is specifically intended to eliminate clumsy clocking in or out, consider a biometric scanner. This allows the pre-scanning of fingerprints, which will become the "access cards" for each worker to report on and off duty. Hardware and software compatibility should be considered, as with any other time keeping software. There are several companies that offer packages where the scanner and keyboard come for free with the purchase of the software to ensure compatibility.

With all the available software, the key is to ensure compatibility first before installing the program so your money would not go to waste.


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