Blocking and Unblocking Websites: Internet Proxy Servers

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Blocking and unblocking Internet sites are simple yet effective ways of controlling what content can be viewed and it only takes a short time to initiate.  These can be permanent or temporary solutions for protecting your computer or limiting what you or others, such as children who browse the Internet, will be able to see. If you want to learn more about Internet security, these tips will help you with blocking and unblocking websites. 

There are a lot of programs that are available for blocking websites. However, while these programs are good, they can sometimes cause more problems by blocking content you want to access.  Before investing in these programs, you can take some steps to block sites and control content on your own. In Internet Explorer, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options."  In the "Content" tab, click "Enable" under "Content Advisor." To prevent anyone else blocking or unblocking websites on your list, create a password. Content Advisor allows you to rate certain types of sites and it will automatically block or limit sites based on that system.  Adjust the ratings in the "Ratings" tab.  To block specific websites from being accessed go to the "Approved Sites" tab and add each website you want to block to the list. Select "Never" and then select "Ok." If you don't want to use Content Advisor, go to Internet Options again and, under the "Security" tab, there are options for "Trusted Sites" and "Restricted Sites." These will automatically block content or, by selecting "Custom level," you can determine which Internet sites are blocked or allowed.

Unblocking sites allows you to adjust content control to fit your needs.  It can be tricky to access blocked sites. If you have set up a security system, then you should be able to read the instructions and follow the steps to disable the site-blocking measures in place. If there is no software and you manually blocked each site or used Content Advisor, you can manually unblock them. Under Content Advisor, lower ratings or remove blocked sites from the Approved Sites list.  Under the "Security" tab, remove the blocked site from the restricted list to unblock it.  You may add the sites to trusted or approved lists to ensure that it will remain unblocked.

If you are using a computer on an Internet security system you cannot manipulate, you must find a way around the website blocking software. One way to unblock a previously blocked site is through a proxy server. Outside of the security filter blocking your PC, Internet proxy servers can be accessed through the Internet. There are a number of websites that allow you to access a proxy server. Your PC interfaces with the proxy server, which connects to the blocked website, unblocking the site by acting as a middleman.


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