Build LOLCats

If you have not heard of LOLCats, and then it is time for you to try it. This is a great website for any cat lover. You can upload your own pics you just look at other people's pics. This website allows you to upload cute pics of your kitty and then put little bubble captions on the picture. Other people look at your pictures at then vote on its cuteness. I love this site and cannot wait to upload some pics of my own cute cats. If you are just in need of a laugh, you do not have to build LOLCats yourself. It is so much fun just to look at the funny pictures. However, if you want to put your own cats up on the site it is very simple to do.

It is very easy to build LOLCats. If you follow these steps you will have your LOLCats in no time!

1. First thing you want to do is take picture of your furry feline in a cute position. You need to catch him doing something out of the ordinary if you want to build a great LOLCats.
2. Next, you should edit your photo. If you want to build LOLCats that are unique, you should edit the picture and make sure it is not over exposed.

3. Now that you have a great picture you need to go to icanhascheezburger
4. Find your cool picture that you're going to build LOLCats with.
5. Upload the picture to the site.
6. Add your funny caption. It should be something really good if you want to get a lot of votes
7. Finally, save your picture and submit it. Then wait for the votes to come in.

That is all the steps you need to take to build LOLCats. It is very simple and a whole lot of fun. Do not forget to look at other LOLCats; you will get a good laugh out of it.

A few last tips on how to properly build your LOLCats. Make sure you own the picture you are submitting. Do not try to steal one off of the internet. When building LOLCats you should make your captions short and sweet. If you do not want your pictures visible to the whole world then just save it. This way only you can see it and you can choose to email to other LOLCats friends.

Most of all have fun when you are building LOLCats!


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