How To Build Professional Web Sites

The subject matter of this article relates to building a professional Web site. The key to building any professional Web site is to be specific on what you wish to achieve and be in a position to convey your message clearly and concisely on the Web.

  • Being professional in effect means that those who deal with you are aware that you are serious about your profession and your business. They can rely on you and pay for your services knowing that they will achieve the results they wish to achieve.
  • Your message can not be arbitrary or confusing and the visitor to your site needs to identify and relate to your site's content. Relevancy is key as this ensures that your site visitor will get what they are looking for.
  • Professional Web sites are built with the visitor in mind and constantly seek to ensure that the visitor will understand what the Web site offers and how they can interact with it.
  • When building professional Web sites, keep in mind they need to be intuitive and easy to follow. On the Web, easy out weighs logic. If your visitor experiences difficulty finding what they are looking for, they will hit the back button and leave your site just as quickly as they arrived.
  • When building a professional Web site, ask yourself these questions, "What value am I providing to the visitor? Is my message clear? Is it easy to follow?".
  • Professional Web sites are built to clearly define, "what you see is what you get." To put it simply, when a visitor lands on a professional site, they can quickly determine that they will get the results outlined on the site.
  • All points of contact are clearly defined and the visitor can quickly get to know you and what you have to offer.
  • Building a professional Web site also means instilling trust into the mind of your visitor so that they know they are dealing with a real business and not another ghost town Web site that is full of promises with no substance to back up those claims.
  • A professional Web site is built to eliminate doubts by predicting ahead of time what the possible objections may be when purchasing the service or product being offered on the site.
  • Web sites that are professionally built are constructed in a fashion that develops a relationship with the site visitor. Relationships matter and it is the strength of those relationships that will deliver a winning situation for all parties concerned. Relationships are the key to any business and the stronger the relationship, the more repeat business you will generate.

A professional Web site is not a flashy site, it is a site with a simple clear message where the content of that site supports the main objective which further illustrates the professional nature of the business or individual running the site.


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