Create an E-mail Directory

E-mail directories are an essential part of building an online marketing niche. Having a large customer base ensures you of repeat orders as well as new ones. There are several ways to create an e-mail directory for your business, depending on the direction in which you want to proceed.

One Internet marketer found that by building an article directory he could create a large and profitable e-mail list. Using the right hosting service with an Article Dashboard script, he set up a MySQL database, ready for input. Once he did this, articles were added to the directory through an article marketing script. With articles uploaded to the database, he found himself with access not only to the articles, but to the names and e-mail addresses of the authors as well.

Another method of creating an e-mail directory is using a reverse e-mail approach. Reverse phone searches are popular these days with the ability to log numbers at online sites and provide information for others searching the same numbers. E-mail searching is a little more difficult as there is no central database for e-mail addresses. One option you can try is typing the e-mail address into a search engine, but if the person did not provide adequate information when signing up, little in the way of results will be available. Free e-mail search sites are another option but they aren't likely to provide enough substantial information either.

You can also visit the main pages of e-mail providers and look for a reverse search function on their Web site. Although not all providers have this application or function, those that do can offer you the most reliable source of information. If these searches do not provide what you are looking for, you can go with a pay service. For a small fee you can utilize tools to aid in investigating cyber information.

Using e-mail marketing software is another way of creating an e-mail directory. Available from many online vendors, these tools use data capture to populate a database of e-mail addresses. Some applications can be used for both personal and business directories, and can be set up accordingly. Features to control which addresses are sent different information makes for easy management of your databases. There are also many programs which can harvest e-mail addresses from e-mail servers. Pricing varies, and many have free trials.

In today's Internet marketing world, creating a good e-mail directory is an essential means to provide the right information.


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