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An email address is one little detail that should not be disregarded by businesses. In today's competitive business setting, one should seek out any way to get more potential customers. During the years when the Internet was just starting off, a lot of people signed up for free web based email services. These free email services include Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail. The free web based email services are still in demand today. In fact, the users have tripled now. The free web based email services were created for the benefit of businesses and individuals. It was completely okay for businesses to use free web based email services at that time. But since we are all living in a modern time where innovative technology is extensively used, businesses are expected to move forward.

Definitely, you are still seeing businesses using free web based email services. The question is, are you confident in your transactactions with them? Many people feel hesitant when they come across businesses that are using free web based email services. Businesses without their own domain names may demonstrate instability. The first thing that consumers check when they hear of a new business line is the email address and website. If you want to make your potential clients confident in doing business with you, create a new email address that reveals your business name. Registering a domain name is simple and very affordable. You can search for cheap domain names online. Once you have created your domain name, look for a cheap hosting provider that will help you set up your website and the email address you are going to use to communicate with your business partners and clients. The hosting provider will let you access your email address using your own domain name. If you want a unique email address you need to do an address search or email search online. There is an endless list of websites that offer a free checker.

Here are some creative ideas for a new email address:

  1. If you are running a footwear business, you may use your own name together with your business name, for example:
  2. If you are a technical support representative working in an IT business, you may use this contact email format: or you may use your name together with your company's name:

There are many creative ideas for a new email address. You just need to do some thinking for a unique email address for your business or for your own personal use. To avoid any email address duplication, you can use the email lookup software or email directory online. It would be very nice to use an email address that reveals your business name. It will help your potential clients gain confidence in doing business with you. The client will surely add your contact in his directory and contact you for a business transaction. Just compare to, and then you will realize the big difference between the two. Small details like this should always be considered, particularly if you want to make your business more competitive.


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