How To Understand Conference Call Services

A conference call is a convenient way of communicating with your business partners, friends, family and others in different areas and simultaneously talking to multiple persons. It will save you time, because you do not have to meet up anymore. All you have to do is to talk via conference call. So even if you are in the UK you can easily have an emergency meeting with your staff, talk to your friends in America, and converse with your family without meeting them personally. But there are many ways to hold a conference call. But prior to choosing among the conference call services, you must have a conference call provider. If you are in America, you have AT&T as a choice, being the largest provider of telephone, Internet and other communication services. Here are the lists of different conference call services that you can use.

  1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). VOIP works via the Internet and not via telephone wires, which would be more common. The advantages in having VOIP are: (i) it is cheaper compare to a regular telephone, (ii) it is faster as long as you have a good Internet connection and (iii) you can call on more than one telephone. It can also include audio and videoconferencing.
  2. Telephone. This is the most basic among the conference call services. There are three ways by which the telephone can be used in conference calls: (i) all the persons that are called can participate in the discussion, (ii) the persons can only listen to the person who called, and (iii) three persons are available in a three-way call, but only two persons can talk and if you want to talk the other must press a button to talk with him while the other two listen to the conversation.
  3. Video Conference. Videoconferencing presupposes audio communication. How can you understand each other if you could only see each other? 
  4. Voice Mail Service. It works chiefly on a telephone but it is also similar to an answering machine. There are two ways that a voice mail service can be of use. First, it can be used as telephone answering service and second as voice messaging. Also there are lots of advantages the voice mail service can offer--it can answer many calls at the same moment, reassign calls to another telephone, save messages in the mail inbox, and more.

With any of the four choices, there is no better nor best as long as the conference call service will benefit you and fit your requirements. So choose wisely.


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