How To Do a Free Email Search

Email has quickly become the primary means of communication in personal and business arenas.  With any new job, an email account usually is the first thing a new employee is assigned.  If you are looking for free web-based email, you can now afford to be picky, as there are many options and styles from which to choose.

For personal use, free email accounts are easy to find and easy to set up.  Registration is fluid and quick.  A simple search for "free email account" in any search engine will net two hundred million hits.  The key is to figure out what type of email you would like to utilize.  Each company that advertises free email accounts has a unique perspective on why their email accounts are the best.

Google offers Gmail as their account of choice.  Gmail is built on the premise that email should be efficient and know what each user needs.  Gmail also offers Google chat, which, equipped with a webcam, allows users to video chat with anyone on their email list who also has a webcam.  Gmail offers an internal chat by typing as well, so that communication can be done quickly and efficiently with anyone in the address book.  Gmail allows users to file emails into appropriate folders named by each account owner, as well as assign flags to each email to indicate priority.  Each user can star his emails so that they are marked as important.  Gmail does not have unlimited storage, but users with basic email needs would be hard-pressed to fill up their accounts in a standard lifetime.  Gmail also offers a very smart spam filter.

Yahoo also offers a free web-based email service.  Yahoo touts that it is the best web-based email, but users are divided on this point.  Yahoo offers a very basic version of web-based email, but it does have unlimited storage, so users who have heavy demand for email storage space can rest assured that they will never run out of room.  Yahoo also offers a chat feature and allows for filing emails, virus scan, and tagging priority items.  One downfall of Yahoo's email service is their less-sensitive spam filter, which allows a lot of junk email to flow through to your inbox.

A search online for free web based email will result in an overwhelming number of options.  However, there are a few large players (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) that will get average email users everything they need.


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